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I am a journeyman lineman that has come up thru the ranks working as a journeyman, a foreman, a general foreman, a supervisor, and a project manager. My experience has been on transmission construction, overhead and underground distribution construction, and overhead and underground fiber cable installations. I have worked on new const., maintenance, rebuilds, upgrades, road widening projects, street lights, and in vaults. Please see attached resume.


Associates Degree Glendale Comm. College, Glendale, Az. 8/6/1972 4/30/1976
Certification Formal 4 year Apprentiship, Arizona Public Service Co., Phoenix, Az. 8/6/1972 5/14/1976
Certification OSHA 30 Construction 8/18/2017 9/5/2017
Certification OSHA 10 Grounding/EPZ 9/24/2010 9/24/2010
Certification Adult First Aid / /CPR / AED, American Red Cross 10/22/2016 10/22/2016

Employment History

National Powerline Construction Project Manager 4/15/2012 12/31/2015
I managed multiple crews concurrently installing both transmission, and overhead and underground distribution at five consecutive solar sites contracting for First Solar out of Blythe, California; Santa Margarita, California; and Boulder City, Nevada. Had as many as eight crews/foremen and two general foremen at the height of construction. Was responsible for scheduling and coordinating of manpower, tools, equipment, and materials (which included cranes, manbaskets, pulling equipment, holediggers, bucket trucks, digger derricks, and all small tools/equip. including vault work). In the five projects that I managed, we installed 14 miles of 230KV transmission line, over 300 distribution poles (including holes, rebar, forms and concrete); also installed dozens of circuits of 34.5KV overhead Hendrix Cable circuits, with associated underground cables, risers, cabinets, splices, terminations, and testing of all circuits. Also installed all overhead and underground fiber cable circuits. Had several subcontractors concurrently.
Asplundh Construction, Inc. Foreman/General Foreman 1/16/2011 9/7/2012
Floated back and forth from foreman to general foreman as jobs/manpower necessitated, Worked maintenance and construction of overhead and underground distribution facilities in Los Angeles basin contracting to Southern Cal. Edison (South Bay District). Completed vault work, crane sets, pole change outs (mostly easement), reconductor projects, and underground (all aspects). Was also subject to 24 hour emergency call outs. Worked on 16kv, 12kv, and 2400v lines. Did transformer installations (o.h. and u.g.), replacements, primary risers, cabinets, and overhead switch installations and replacements.
Henkels & McCoy Construction Foreman/General Foreman 5/15/2005 12/17/2010
Worked maintenance and construction of overhead and underground distribution facilities in Los Angeles basin area contracting to Southern Cal. Edison throughout the South Bay District. Completed vault work, crane sets, pole change outs, reconductor projects, underground (feeder, distribution, and secondary replacements/upgrades), road widening projects, and st. lts.. Was subject to 24 hour emergency call outs. Worked on 16kv, 12kv, and 2400v lines. Did transformer installations, transformer upgrades, primary risers, cabinet installations, install and replace overhead switches.
Argent Construction, Inc. Vice President 11/3/1991 5/6/2005
Was 50% owner, vice president and construction manager. Contracted to Arizona Public Service Co., Salt River Project Utility, and various utilities and private electrical companies. Completed job/project bids, hiring/firing; project organization/scheduling; scheduled and coordinated all crews and support crews/personnel (hole digging, materials, hauling, locates, traffic control, permits, etc.);, coordinated with other utilities; submitted incremental and final billing. Company is no longer in business.
Arizona Public Service Co. Lineman/foreman/supervisor 2/15/1971 9/6/1991
Began my career at APS as a mailboy, groundman, apprentice, journeyman lineman (overhead/underground distribution), journeyman lineman EHV, foreman, general foreman, and supervisor. Trained and worked in all aspects of overhead and underground distribution and transmission construction and maintenance. Worked all voltages with hot sticks up to and including 500 KV. As supervisor over construction is managed 3 different districts for APS (consecutively), and was over line construction crews, tree trimming crews, warehousing, fleet maintenance, and safety consecutively in each district. This included all budgeting and reports.
Kerr McGee/San Manuel Copper Mines Survey Technician 10/15/1968 8/6/1971
Suveyor for underground uranium and copper mines in New Mexico and Arizona. Ran transit, completed underground surveying, and plotted coordinates for surface drilling operations.
United States Air Force Buck Sergeant 5/30/1965 8/30/1968
Jet Over II Aircraft Mechanic. Was a mechanic on B-52 Bombers, then on C-141A Starlifter Cargo Aircraft.
Canus Corp./PG & E Senior Transmission Inspector 10/2/2017 10/3/2018
Inspection of Transmission Facilities/Structures (towers, poles, conductors, anchors/guys, foundations) for 60KV thru 230KV overhead lines during construction and upon completion, for both maintenance and line rebuilds (reconductor); complete and provide necessary/applicable inspection forms and associated files/paperwork and photos; complete daily electronic logs and necessary paperwork, as well as computer related requirements; take required clearances and non-tests on both transmission and related under-build facilities.