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Employment History

PG&E Electric Superintendent 5/4/2009 8/1/2013
Managed: Distribution electric system 75 employees Budget Work Experience • Pacific Gas and Electric – Electric M&C Superintendent North Valley Division – Electric M&C Superintendent Stockton Division – Electric M&C Superintendent Humboldt Division – Electric Distribution Supervisor – Temporary Electric Distribution Supervisor – Temporary Electric Transmission Supervisor – Temporary Restoration Supervisor – Transmission Troubleman – Distribution Troubleman – Electric Crew Foreman – Lineman – Groundman – Meter Reader/Collector
Agile 1 Instructor 8/15/2013 10/31/2014
Evaluate electric crews
PG&E Transmission Troubleman 1/1/2002 5/4/2009
Patrol Transmission poles and towers. Also did all switching inside and outside of substations for transmission crews