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Sr. Relay Test Technician. 25 years work experience in Meter, Relay and SCADA systems. 10 years as a Senior Relay Technician for Salt River Project (SRP) from 1990 to 2000. 5 years work experience with Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). 8 years work experience as a Protection and Control Technician with Arizona Public Service (APS). 5 years work experience as a Testmen "A" working contract for Carob Valley Electric preforming contract work for Southern California Edison (SCE). Previously worked for Power Engineers as a NETA Level 3 Protection and Control Technician V. Job duties are relay testing, end to end Simm testing, Substation commissioning of Protection and control systems including Protective Relays, substation power transformers, PT's, CT's, CCVT's, Substation Power Circuit Breakers PCB's, Substation SCADA systems. Also all AC and DC control systems for above equipment. Previously worked as Contract Test Senior Test Specialist for Canus Corporation. Performing a SAS 3 up grade at Johanna Substation for Southern California Edison for the last 9 months. Presently working on Hamilton Substation for SCE 66KV breaker change outs.


  • Electrician
  • Journeyman Electrician
  • Relay Test Tech
  • SCE Employee
  • Utility Employee


High School Frankfurt American High School 9/3/1968 5/26/1972

Employment History

US Navy Naval Nuclear Power Machinist Mate 9/4/1972 9/3/1979
Responsible for main propulsion operation and maintenance on US Naval Nuclear Power Submarine.
Salt River Project Senior Relay Technician 2/20/1980 2/21/2000
For 20 years worked for Salt River Project. Starting as a Power Plant Operator in the Hydro Division of SRP. In 1990 was chosen for the Relay Apprentice Program. Graduated Apprenticeship program in 1994 as "SRP Apprentice of the Year". Was promoted to Senior Relay Technician in 1996. Separated from SRP and joined Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) in 2000.
Western Area Power Administration Senior Meter and Relay Craftsman 2/28/2000 7/14/2005
WAPA is a large Federal Government run Transmission Company. Worked on EHV Substations Protection Metering and Control systems insuring reliable bulk power delivery from the Colorado River Hydro system to large commercial power companies in the Southwestern United States including SCE, LADWP, APS, SRP, Nevada Power and numerous rural co-ops.
Arizona Public Service Senior Protection and Control Technician 10/3/2005 6/6/2011
Perform Substation Commissioning and Testing of Protection and Control schemes. Including all substation apparatus, such as PCB's, Transformers, Relaying Systems, SCADA Systems and AC and DC power systems.
Carob Valley Electric Contract Testmen "A" 6/13/2011 1/30/2015
Under contract performed Substation Testing and Commissioning of protection systems for Southern California Edison. Performed work on 4KV Substations to 220KV substations for SCE doing relaying and SCADA system upgrades.
Power Engineers Protection and Control Technician V 2/2/2015 9/21/2016
Under Contract to Power Test and Energization (a division of Power Engineers) performed work for various Electrical Utilities in the United States including, Maui Electric, MEPPI (Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc), Rochester Gas and Electric, Houston Power and Light and Arizona Public Service (APS). Performed various types of testing for the above companies including: Relay Testing, Scheme Testing, Equipment Testing, SCADA system upgrades and installation testing.