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Certified Journeyman Lineman with over ten years of commercial and residential experience. Adept in performing electrical installations, inspections, maintenance, repairs and system upgrades. Firm understanding of underground and overhead design standards (G.O 95,128,165) as well as PG&E's Green Book Manual for Electric and Gas Service Requirements. Experience working as an option 2, applicant design inspector, as well as inspecting overhead and underground contractor crews.


  • Compliance Inspector
  • Distribution Journeyman Lineman
  • Overhead Journeyman Lineman
  • Transmission Journeyman Lineman
  • Underground Journeyman Lineman


Certification JOURNEYMAN LINEMAN CERTIFICATE 4/3/2006 5/13/2015
Bachelor's Degree San Diego State University 9/1/1997 1/3/2000
Associates Degree Santa Rosa Junior College 9/1/1994 12/17/1996
License San Diego and Santa Rosa Junior College, Emergency Medical(2000) and Firefighter Technology Certificate (2003) 9/1/1999 1/14/2000
High School Petaluma High School 9/1/1987 6/14/1991

Employment History

PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC Journeyman Lineman 4/3/2006 5/13/2015
Familiarity with a range of distribution and transmission voltages including delta and wye systems. Spent over nine years working in the Bay Area Region. During this time I built, maintained and inspected the PG&E overhead, underground, and transmission electrical system in many of the neighborhoods that surround the San Francisco Bay. This experience has provided me with an in depth, unique knowledge of different construction types throughout PG&E's service territory. I have an outstanding knowledge of construction standards as well as the General Order mandates within them. I have formed relationships with PG&E personnel including Supervisors, Engineers, Office Staff and Warehouse Workers in most service centers. I am familiar with the traffic hazards inherent in driving in congested areas. I understand the importance of documentation and attention to detail from my experience working within PG&E inspecting for contractors and closing jobs upon completion as a lead lineman/upgraded foreman on a crew. Ensuring public safety as well as following the procedures, guidelines, and safety standards to complete a job safely are embedded in my work ethic. • Install, maintain, repair and test equipment, lines, poles and cables for the utilization of electric energy for diverse-industry clients. • Extensive rubber glove training and field experience. • Test, frame, and set poles; string electric power lines, install cross arms and anchors, install and replace switches/circuit protection equipment/insulators/meters/streetlights; hang and energize transformers; take voltage readings and perform phasing. • Use hand and power tools, climb poles and towers, work at heights on poles/towers/aerial lifts, work with live circuits, climb ladders, work in manholes and confined spaces. Depending on work location/area, work from helicopters, boats, snowmobiles and snow cats. • Locate, pull, remove, splice and terminate cables; install and replace equipment. • Load, unload, layout and prep tools/supplies/equipment/materials needed at each job site. • Review work assignment; checking for proper equipment and supplies. • Operate hydraulic, aerial and compressor-driven equipment. • Posses Commercial Drivers License and drive company pickup truck, crew cab, digger derrick and aerial lift. • Communicate in person, by phone and radio with supervisor, foreman and coworkers. Work in a team environment participating in tailboards throughout the day. • Provide on-the-job training/orientation/demonstration/assistance to pre-apprentice and apprentice linemen. • Perform traffic control and removal of obstructions [such as tree trimming] at job site • Current with OSHA and company training. CPR certified. • Experience as inspector watching contractors to insure jobs are built as designed with no infractions. • Certificates of Achievement in helicopter load harness transfer, live line fundamentals, commercial drivers training, basic and advanced climbing, overhead fundamentals, and advanced line techniques. • Gained extensive experience in analyzing and following manuals, schematic diagrams, blueprints and other specifications. • Mastered the use of measuring/testing instruments such as ammeters, ohmmeters, voltmeters and phasing sets. • As a member of the Grass Roots Safety Committee created the idea of a Lineman Forum as an internet site where employees can share ideas and information relating to near misses, work practices, changes in standards and procedures and general questions.
TREK AMERICA Tour Leader 1/1/2004 1/4/2005
Organized and managed tours for international travelers in the USA and Canada. This allowed me the opportunity to develop valuable communication and leadership skills, as well as gain a global perspective.
THE WINDOW GUYS Owner/Supervisor 1/1/2001 1/1/2004
Created a successful, family run business delivering exceptional service to our clients.
SONOMA FIRE DEPARTMENT Emergency Medical Technician 1/2/2001 2/3/2003
Responded to health or trauma related calls. Installed a sense of professionalism and team work as well as an ability to work in a hierarchical structure
FRANCIS PARKER UPPER SCHOOL Wrestling Coach 2/3/1997 2/7/2000
Coached high school students competitive wrestling and developed fundamental teaching skills.
CANUS CORPORATION Class II Construction Coordinator/Inspector 10/12/2015 4/15/2016
Inspecting applicant design option 2 work in the Mission Division, under the supervision of PG&E supervisor Brian Graham.
CalInc-Services Class II Construction Coordinator/Inspector 1/17/2017 5/12/2017
Class II Construction Coordinator/Inspector