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I have over 25 years of experience in the Electrical Field of Transmission and Distribution. I have worked as an Journeyman Lineman, Foreman and General Foreman. I have a good balance of experience between Transmission and Distribution. I have quiet a bit of Helicopter experience on the transmission side on the Long Line and doing Helo sets.


High School Asher High School
Associates Degree Eastern Oklahoma State
Certification OSHA 20 HRS
Certification OSHA 10 HRS
Training Helo Long Line
Certification OSHA 30
Certification First Aid /CPR

Employment History

Capital Line Builders Journeyman Lineman 2/1/2016
We are currently building a new 345 KV. My duties are pulling and clipping wire and fiber,
JF Electric Foreman 6/1/2015 2/1/2016
We added a new 34.5 KV circuit to an existing distribution line. This required us to replace existing poles with taller ones, upgrading existing lines. We also did power restoration on storms. My duties where to plan out work, insure crew worked safely, efficiently, and maintain proper specs, request and receive hot line orders and clearances. work with customers on outages.
Henkels and McCoy General Forman 6/1/2011 5/1/2015
We conducted transmission maintenance on 46 KV – 138 KV lines, and structure replacement. Most all of this was done with Helicopters. Crews where long lined in and out of structures with Helo support. My duties where to prep bids, plan out work, insure crews had adequate tools and safety equipment, safety plans, locate landing zones, coordinate helicopters, track materials, maintain schedules (crews, outages, work plan, Helo, permits, locates). Maintained an awesome relationship with Power company and inspectors. Keeping them up to date on projects. I had been a foreman on line crew here for 6 months before becoming General Foreman. I also served as General Foreman over a distribution crew for New Oahu Light Rail Project.
Aldridge Electric Foreman 2/1/2011 6/1/2011
We were building a new 138 KV. It was my duties to plan work out for my crew, timesheets, tailboards, safety of crew and public, We where digging footers, setting H structures, and pouring footers.
BBC Lineman 12/1/2010 11/1/2010
storm restoration
Bison Electric Lineman 1/1/2016 11/1/2010
distribution new build and maintenance
Choctaw Electric COOP Lineman 7/1/1994 8/1/2005
construction, maintenance, area service man
Soper Assembly of God Pastor 1/1/2006 8/1/2007
Pastoral, record keeping
Hollis Assembly of God Pastor 9/1/1994 7/2/1995
Pastoral, record keeping
Okla National Guard Corporal 7/1/1994 7/1/1998
Supervise a squad of men and equipment.
USA Army Corporal 10/2/1989 7/1/1994
I also served at Camp Casey Korea. I was a truck diver. If it had Wheels I could drive it. From pickups to semi tractors. I was reasonable for a squad and equipment. Scheduling of Jobs
Canus Safety Auditor 8/21/2016
Working with PGE to to safety Audits on contractor crews on regular jobs and storm work. Making field corrections and filling out safety audits for PGE on distribution crews, underground construction and civil crews.
Canus Transmission Inspection 8/1/2018 2/21/2018
Observe crews working,ensuring that they build line to spec. and safely,order material, hold clearance and log on.