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ACCEPTING CLEARANCE REQUEST FOR SUBSTATIONS, DISTRIBUTION REQUEST AND WORKING WITH TLINE FOR THEIR CLEARANCES THAT INVOLVE OUR DISTRIBUTION CIRCUITS. EVERYTHING IS THE SAME. May 5, 2016- Continuing submitting clearance request for contract crews that are working in the PG&E service area. March 03,2017 I am currently doing the same work as before see May 5,2016 I am currently doing the same work as above my mresume is stillthe same. I am currently doing the smae work as above dated October 28/2018


High School KERMAN HIGH SCHOOL 9/1/1960 6/10/1964

Employment History

PG&E SUBSTATION ELECTRICIAN 10/31/1964 8/30/1985
MAINTANCE OF SUBSTATION EQUIP, OPERATION SUBSTATION EQUIPMENT AS NEEDED System Operator, This entails Writing-Directing-Receiving Clearance Applications from the field and processing the applications. 2014-2012 System Operator at Fresno D.O. office Via Hiring Hall. 2012-2001 Systems Operator at Fresno D.O. Office 2001-1998 System Operator at Merced D.O. Office 1998-1997 (May) System Operator at Los Banos Sub 1997 (May) Rehired with PG&E 1995-1997 (May) Pacific Power & Light (Klamath Falls Ore.) This position with PP&L was a System Dispatcher Position 1992-1995 System Operator at Fresno D.O. Office 1992-1990 Roving Operator at Balch P.H. 1990-1985 System Operator at Fresno D.O. Office 1985 (September transferred from Electrician at Fates Substation to System Operator in Fresno D.O. Office) 1985 (May Rehired with PG&E) Electrician at Gates Substation 1985-1982 Aramco Oil Company in Saudi Arabia Power Technician, This position entailed supervising workers on the installation & maintenance of all substation equipment 1982-1970 Electrician at Fresno Substation Dept. 1970-1967 App. Electrician at Fresno Substation Dept. 1967-1964 Helper at Fresno Substation Dept.
PG&E SYSTEM OPERATOR 9/2/1985 12/1/2014
My responsabilties included Writing-Directing-Receiving and processing AFW's. This includes working with GCC & Other Distributions Operators. Working with condtractors,Inspector to set up clearances.