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Held a CDL TXP for 40 years, have been certified on several different pieces of equipment , at PG&E I worked in foundations from setting the template, digging the holes, tying rebar cages and setting and bolt patterns, and pouring the concrete, then erecting the towers including running the equipment to dig the foundations, to building the roads into tower site, pretty much all phases of Tower work. I have held a CDL A TXP for 40 years, and have driven several variations of trucks. I have worked on several PG&E projects including the 500KV outage in 1995, to the number 3 and 7 cooling and steam towers at Moss Landing Power Plant. In the last Year and 2 months I have worked at Calinc services as an inspector working several different projects from Foundation work such as Micro Pile, to the conventional concrete foundations, also access roads to repair or replace towers.

Employment History

PG&E MEO/Towerman 9/15/1995 11/1/2004
I worked for PG@E 9.3 Years and in that time I accomplished a lot. I first started as an MEO on a two man road crew. We worked for Region Transmission building and repairing roads to tower and wood pole sites, along with crane pads. I also assisted with the removal and replacement of the 500 KV conductor and insulator on no.3 and 7 Boiler Rehab at Moss Landing Power Plant. I was also certified for the Helicopter Wash Program. After 2.5 years was transferred to Foundation Crews. There I assisted in every aspect of towers and TSPs, from tying rebar, digging the holes setting templates, replacing boardwalk, steel repair and assembly, reading blueprints, building forms, to jack hammering old footings and replacing new steel and concrete. I have run every piece of equipment Tower Dept. owns and been certified. I worked on the 1995 500KV restoration project, the Bay Waters Project, the Bart Overcrossing Project, and the Communications Tower Retrofit Project. In the time I was with PG@E I attended numerous safety meetings, environmental meetings, was certified in CPR several times, and several ethics and compliance meetings. In the time I worked with PG@E I gained a lot of knowledge and shared knowledge.
Les Schwab Tire Driver 2/1/2005 7/30/2012
Driver tire delivery service
Quality Saws & Mowers Mechanic 2/1/2015 5/30/2015
Calinc Services Inspector 6/5/2016 8/27/2017
Watch over contractors doing construction for PG&E. I attend tailboards, I ensure that crews work safe and wear the correct PPE. I keep daily logs for work performed or work completed, attend training classes, I watch over the foundations ensuring they are completed and correct, interact with the public answering questions they might have regarding the jobs we are doing and public safety. Work with contractors as to what needs they might have ore questions if I can. Work with Environmentalist and keep up on various issues with areas surrounding the job.