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Labor and Environmental Health and Safety Professional Labor and Safety Professional with 27 year record of success overseeing all phases of construction and environmental issues identifying and developing corrective action plans to ensure compliance with applicable safety, health and environmental regulations. Education: South Seattle Community College Degree / Associates of Art Plain Surveyor / Infrastructure Training Certifications: OSHA 10 & 30 10 and 30 hour trainer American Red Cross CPR / First Aid / AED trainer Trenching Trainer Fall Protection Trainer Certifications: OSHA 3220 Fall Arrest OSHA 3010 Excavation Trenching and Soil Mechanics


  • Utility Worker

Employment History

Underground Construction Utilites Technician / Pipfitter 1/1/2007 4/14/2017
Trailer Park Project: Installing vaults boxes which 2", 3" and 4" electrical pipe is connected to. The 2" pipe is for services to the trailer homes and the 3" pipe is secondary and the 4" pipe is the primary mainline. Proper spacing has to be enforced between pipes upon compaction. Also we run a 2" poly gas pipe parallel to the electric pipe. We air test the gas pipe to see if there are any defects in the pipe. I'm trained to botch fusion and electric fusion.
Skanska Utilities Technician / Pipefitter 3/1/1999 12/31/2006
Light Rail Project Installing fiber optic lines underground to service the communication systems of the light rail. Also we installed the entire main underground electrical throughout the light rail line.
Terra Linda Electic Electrician Helper 6/1/1990 4/1/1999
Assisting journeymen electricians on wire pulls, de-energizing various electrical panels and de-wiring for demo projects. Also we use the tugger machine to pull 500 and 600 wire to EDC units. Also I was operating the tractor to do underground trenching for 2", 3" and 4" electrical pipe.
skanska labor 8/6/2014 3/11/2015
installing underground mci lines and concrete work, stripping and general cleaning.
Clark pacific labor 5/13/2015 1/15/2016
setting up shoring braces for void slabs,making proper calculations to adjust shoring braces. Concrete patching and stocking
Joseph Albanese labor 7/25/2014 8/1/2014
stripping-removing concrete forms after the concrete sets. Bushing- grinding down concrete to bond with new concrete. General cleaning, using the vibratory to spread the concrete around.
Janus Corporation labor 4/18/2015 5/7/2015
demolition work to business corporations, such as removing overhead duct work, ac units, tile out of bathrooms and walk ways.
Rudolph and Sletten labor 1/18/2016 3/18/2016
Dewatering-removing the water from the apple#2 project during the rainy season . Running climate control testing daily to keep the inside of the apple#2 project at constant temperatures.
Clark pacific labor 4/16/2017 7/31/2018