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After completing my Bachelor’s degree I immediately began my career in the construction field with hands on experience and landing a management position in 2002. Since 2002 I have gained a vast experience in construction management and inspections. For the past 15 years I have been responsible for inspecting and reporting on virtually every phase of the construction process: including, but not limited to, civil (site work), structural, building, electrical, mechanical, indoor air quality, safety, and hazardous material abatement. I’ve ensured that all contract documents represented by working drawings and specifications are properly executed by the contractors. I’ve also been responsible for establishing and maintaining a professional working relationship with architects, engineers, testing labs, general contractors, subcontractors, and the general public. A vital part of my positions was to review, maintain, and proofread plans, specifications, codes, shop drawings, submittals, procedures, change order days and all correspondence between the architect, engineer, testing agencies, and the contractor. I also maintained all architects’ reports, engineer's reports, project managers reports, contractor’s reports, which include submittals, correspondence, pay requests, change orders, meeting minutes, supplemental instructions, sketches, requests for Information (RFI), requests for changes (RFC), and all correspondence between the architect, engineer, PM’s, testing agency, and the contractor. It was also required that I check and verify all materials stored on and off site for payment as well as materials used in site construction against submittals. As an Inspector it was my duty to compose and submit weekly status reports, weekly percentage completion reports, and daily reports to include: project conditions (i.e. trade manpower and work description), architectural and engineering communication and direction, general conditions, temperatures, weather conditions, general conditions and activities, site work, subcontractors and personnel, hours worked, description of work performed, equipment used, verbal discussions and oral instructions, phone conversations, visitors to site, job requirements, photos, videos, and delays. It was my responsibility to train any new workers that arrived on site about procedures and requirements for the job. I would also post addendums to plans and specifications, verify contractor compliance with codes, regulations, site materials, improvements, specifications, blue prints, plans, sketches, actual construction, alterations, scheduling of training, repairs, reports, change orders, safety, and environmental issues. As a PG&E sub-contractor with the position of Sr. Civil Substation Inspector / Hydro-Power Generations Inspector I gained a large amount of experience working on civil and structural construction sites. On these jobs I would inspect all earthwork (fill, porous fill, etc.), large equipment earthwork, grading, site preparation, soil observations (proper compaction and backfill) footings for foundations, masonry work, concrete masonry unit (CMU) foundations, partitions, and bearing walls. During my employment with Kleinfelder I received the following certifications: • American Concrete Institute (ACI)- Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I &II • Soil Nuclear Gauge Certification • ICC Structural concrete and rebar • Anchor and bolt testing course • Pre-stressed concrete course • NICET Concrete, asphalt, soil course • California Department of Transportation Certified in CT 231 (Method of test for relative compaction of untreated and treated soils and aggregates using nuclear gages) • CT 125 (Methods of test for sampling highway materials and products used in the roadway pavement structure sections) • CT 216 (Method of test for relative compaction and treated soils and aggregates) With this I was able to get involved with larger scale jobs. Some of these jobs would last from 6 to 12 months and have as many as 30 workers involved. A few examples are; new sub-station builds, water canal construction, Hydro dam construction, New Dam construction and repairs, Morning Star Plant Expansion foundations project, paving access roads, PG&E Gas yard builds, Sacramento Mercy General Hospital Expansion project, Rover Pipeline inspections to large heavy equipment construction jobs. With this experience I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in site development, building, civil, and structural construction. As a Sr. Civil Inspector working under PG&E I’ve had the opportunity to receive a tremendous amount of safety training directly from PG&E. Before being able to enter a substation or job site I was required to have a specific amount of safety training. The safety training I received was as follows: • Hazard communication / right-to-know • Personal protective equipment • Hot work permits • Lockout/tag out procedures • Confined space entry procedures • Fall protection • Scaffolding 30 hr training • Excavation, trenching and shoring regulations • Crane and rigging operations • Helicopter rigging operations • Ladder safety • 30 hr swppp course • Substation general electrical 30 hr training • Blood borne pathogens • CPR certified During my employment with Kleinelder as a Special Inspector I’ve gained a lot of experience and training in job related safety: • 10 hour construction (OSHA) • 10 hour general industry (OSHA) • 8 hour Hazwoper (OSHA) • 24 hour Hazwoper (OSHA) • 30 hour construction (OSHA) • 30 hour general industry (OSHA) Throughout my career as an Inspector I’ve had a lot of experience in dealing with environmental regulations that surround the construction site. The majority of jobs required several environmental inspections. It was my job to ensure that the contractor complied with all environmental regulations. My training was as follows: • California Environmental Regulations Seminar • Construction site SWPPP preparation workshop • Best management practices (BMPs) seminar • Storm water management plans • Spill Prevention and Control Countermeasures course I’ve done inspections for California Department of Transportation utility construction sites. Such tasks include inspecting the excavation of underground electrical vaults and hand holes; installation of shoring and precast concrete panels using truck-mounted cranes, repair and backfilling trenches for electrical ductwork. As a Civil Inspector for Canus I was assigned as a substation inspector. For all of these jobs, I was assigned to inspect civil construction sites inside of distribution and transmission substations for PG&E. I have had the opportunity to be the lead inspector on the PG&E Metcalf Transmission Substation expansion project. I was involved with the project from beginning of the site grading and excavation to the final sign off on all the foundations. I observed all construction for all the pier foundations, circuit breakers foundations, transformers foundations, control room foundations, underground conduit installs, and pad mounted equipment installs. I also inspected all the construction of the retention basins for this substation. I have also had the opportunity to be the inspector on the San Francisco Embarcadero Transmission line job. I oversaw all excavation, trenching, shoring, installation, backfill, and paving aspects of the job. During this employment, I received my Metrotech certification. For every substation construction job, it was my responsibility to use a Metrotech to locate all underground lines. During my underground surveillance I would then have to paint all located underground utilities for easy verification. For the 230KV and larger substation I was required to become NERC trained (North American Electric Reliability Corporation).


  • Civil Inspector
  • PG&E Employee


Bachelor's Degree Southern Oregon University 1/1/1996 1/1/2008
Associates Degree College of the Siskious 1/1/1994 1/1/1996
High School Grants Pass High School 9/15/1989 6/13/1993
Certification ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I &II 6/21/2014 6/21/2019
Certification Soil Nuclear Gauge Certification 6/20/2014 6/20/2020

Employment History

System Pavers, Sacramento Senior Design Consultant 9/1/2010 7/28/2014
Provide backyard and landscape estimates and pricing on residential and large commercial jobs. Design and recommend product type, color, pattern and style of entire job. Effectively negotiate contracts, blueprints, financial documents and insuring customer satisfaction throughout the project. Oversaw the construction planning and project from start to finish.
Selig Construction Construction Designer 8/6/2002 9/7/2010
Design and develop professional product proposals for residential and commercial jobs. Responsible for in home residential construction presentations dealing with windows, siding, doors, and bathrooms remodels.
Copper Concrete Concrete Mason 8/5/2000 7/14/2002
Worked as a general laborer responsible for setting forms, grading, smoothing and finishing the surfaces of poured concrete floors, walls, sidewalks and driveways.
Canus Substation Inspector 9/27/2011 3/7/2014
Provide field inspection (Civil or Electrical/Mechanical/Transmission) or both in house and contract construction staffed jobs with the PG&E Hydro Generation system and sub stations. Communicate with management, specialists, engineers and contractors concerning specific project information. Monitor all work performed to ensure quality and workmanship conforms to company standards, guidelines and follows contract specifications. Inspect overall job site safety and environmental compliance. Conduct contract safety job briefings. Inspected domestic, commercial, and industrial customers gas meters for indications of atmospheric coating damage and/or corrosion. Job duties included inspecting several hundred meters daily from a gas distribution plot map
CalInc-Services AC Technician - Start 3/31/2014 4/25/2014
AC Technician. Provides technical and professional inspections for Cal Tran’s underground cable and box installations.
kleinfelder Sr inspector 8/12/2014
Perform special inspections for PG&E construction sites. Perform routine to complex inspection and testing of construction materials in the field, in order to verify conformance to construction plans and specifications