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Working at Southern California Edison I held various positions. With Construction field Forces I was upgraded to Cable Supervisor for about four years. I was a Construction Rep. with Construction Field Forces, working with various contractors on many projects. As the liaison for Edison with the Contractor, dealing with project management issues. I worked as a Quality Control Inspector, inspecting Contract job sites, with Edison Engineering Dept. At the Edison Foothill District Offices I worked as an Underground Vault Inspector for a year and a half. After retirement from Edison I took a computer course in Novel Network Administrator. With the completion of the course I worked for Explorer Insurance. A few years later I was recruited by ELC Electric for the Huntington Beach Steam plant project as the High Voltage / Cable supervisor. Continued working as a supervisor for various electrical construction companies. As a superintendent for Carob Valley, also as an underground inspector with Pouk & Steinle Inc. for the City of Pasadena. With Canus Corp I've worked for PG&E as a substation construction Inspector. Where I oversee contractors install and construct new positions in electrical substations, for the past 6 years I've been an Inspector on SCADA projects.


  • PG&E Employee
  • SCE Employee
  • Substation Inspector

Employment History

Canus Corp Senior Inspector 11/8/2010 1/6/2017
Inspector for PG&E. Oversee contractors working on PG&E projects. Make sure they are on schedule, installing equipment to PG&E standards, and working in a safe manor to comply with PG&E safety.
PTR Electric Electrician 10/1/2010 5/1/2011
Circle Wood Services Checker 5/1/2009 11/1/2011
Carob Valley Electric Inc Electrician 2/9/2004 5/15/2009