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40 years of experience in various positions in Utility Substation Construction, Generation, Nuclear, and Transmission Departments.

Positions Held

• 1 year, Helper, Hydro Construction Department

• 3 years, Carpenter, Substation Construction Department

• 9 years, Electrician, Substation Construction Department

• 10 years, Subforeman A, Substation Construction Department

•9 years, Maintenance Electrician & 5 years Crew Leader, Substation Maintenance Department


3 years apprentice school courses including: Relays, Basic Electronics Transformers and Vectors, Basic Electricity Math 1 and 2, Instruments, Rigging

Prism Leadership Course

Job Estimating Course

40 Hour Hazardous Waste Training

8 Hours Supervisor Training for Hazardous Waste

40 Hour complex Switching Training

Substation Protective Grounding Training


  • Electrician
  • Journeyman Electrician
  • Journeyman Wireman
  • PG&E Employee
  • Substation Inspector


High School Gridley High School 9/17/1963 6/13/1968

Employment History

PG&E Subforeman A / Electrician 1/1/1971 1/1/2011
Subforeman A Supervising construction projects. Plan and install substation equipment in a safe and timely manner. Experience in building substations from 4kV to 500kV. Completing projects from ground preparation to final testing of installed substation equipment. Electrician Substation Transmission Department duties. Installing and testing transformers, circuit breakers, control lowers. complete substation structures from the grounds and conduits to the steel itself. Final testing and releasing facilities for service, this includes hydro powerhouses, steam plants and nuclear facilities.
CANUS Corporation Substation Specialist 8/6/2012 4/27/2018
Substation Specialist