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Retired PGE, 38yrs Electric line dept. Held positions of apprentice lineman, lineman, ECF, troubleman, and t-man supervisor. All phases of OH and UG construction and maintenance including Transmission tower work. Switching, switching logs, communication with switching centers, crew management and multi crew management. Resume and time line of employment attached

Employment History

ALL SOURCE EPPS, INC Senior Instructor 1/1/2010 4/25/2016
Training lineman and ECF on switching of PMH switches from a mobile class room at company service centers 2010 - 2012. 2012 - 2015, Training lineman and ECF, controller switching from a mobile 20' trailer class room, at PGE service centers around the PG&E system. 2015 to present, training t-man and electricians, sub station switching at the PG&E academy simulator, San Ramon. My PG&E lan ID is "snh1". I have PG&E non employee identification card, issued by PG&E.
Oakville Pump Pump Tech 7/6/2008 3/1/2010
Maintenance and repair of water well systems, yard and vehicle maintenance, inventory, welding, boom truck operation, water tanker delivery driver. Supervisor Roger Lutz
CANUS Corp Class I Construction Coordinator/Inspector 6/14/2010 7/9/2010
Class I Construction Coordinator/Inspector
Pacific Gas & Electric Corp troubleman 10/15/1969 6/1/2007
1969 till 1980, gas helper, groundman, truck driver, apprentice lineman, lineman, Redwood City Ca 1980 till 1998 ECF, San Carlos, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco (Harrison St yd) Vallejo, Napa, St Helena 1998 till 2000 Troubleman Supervisor Tulacay Substation 2000 till 2007 Regional troubleman Vallejo Svc OH and UG construction and maintenance, emergency response and repair, T&D switching UG and OH, installation and repair of transformers, cap banks, regulators. Shut down and switching coordinator. Safety coordinator San Carlos. FAS training coordinator. Outage and claims investigation. Diversity Facilitator Silverado Division
Sunnyside Organic Seedlings Delivery driver/Consultant 4/1/2007 10/15/2007
Deliver organic seedlings to nurseries in Northern Ca cities
CalInc-Services Class II Construction Coordinator/Inspector 6/21/2016 6/1/2018
Class II Construction Coordinator/Inspector
CANUS Class I Construction Coordinator/Inspector 6/14/2010 7/10/2010
Class I Construction Coordinator/Inspector