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Started with P.G.&E. on October 9, 1967 as a laborer and went on to become an electrician working for Substation Construction (G.C.). In 1984 I was made a working foreman and then in 1986 I became an Exempt Foreman and was placed at Vaca Dixon Substation acting as area Foreman for the Sacramento area. While at Vaca Dixon, we replaced 19 circuit breakers ranging from 60kV to 230kV. After the breaker replacement work, we installed a new Capacitor Bank at the south end of the substation. In 1988, just before the capacitor bank was complete, I was moved to the new hydro engineering and construction group and remained with several name changes for the group until I retired in 2003.

The projects during the last 15 years with Hydro consisted of:

- Breaker change outs 60KV through 230KV

- Station battery change outs for the Powerhouses Turbine rebuilds, new runners, facing plates, wicket gates

- Rotor removal for rewinds of the generators

- Rotor removal for the pole rebuild

- Relay replacement mostly in the Powerhouses

- Stored energy systems for Penstock Protection

- Penstock Flow monitoring systems

- Transformer replacement

- Regasketing of transformers

- Transformer bushing removal for rebuild or replacement

- Installation of metal clad switch gear

- Installation of new governor systems with new servos

- Installation of new excitation equipment

- At Bucks Creek Powerhouse, all new controls, control room, excitation equipment, nozzle bodies, runners, curbine pits, generator cables, generator breakers, station service, switch gear for station service.

On April 8th 2008, started working for Canus as an Electrician. Worked as an Electrician at Live Oak Substation, installing all indoor equipment in a new control room, new AC and DC panels, Battery Charger, control panels, performed all wiring in new control building and made all termination at the new Transformer and Breakers. After approximately four months, my rate was changed to Senior Inspector and I'm still working as a Senior Inspector today. (April 15, 2015)


  • Electric Maintenance
  • Electrical Specialist
  • Electrician
  • Hydro Generation
  • Hydro/Power Generation Maintenance
  • Journeyman Electrician
  • Journeyman Wireman
  • PG&E Employee
  • Substation Inspector

Employment History

CANUS Corporation Substation Inspector 10/21/2008 1/13/2017
Substation Inspector