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45 years as Journeyman Lineman. Both in Distribution and Transmission. Worked as a Lineman, Foreman, and General Foreman in both areas. On the Transmission side I worked on Steel assembly and erection,Wire stringing, clipping, dead ending and sagging


High School Midway HS San Diego, Ca

Employment History

Sturgeon Electric General Foreman 9/16/2013 12/18/2015
Co-ordinate work for crews, take care of Safety apparatus i.e. Safety Glasses, Rubber Gloves etc, making sure we were in compliance. Keeping up with equipment.
Klondyke Construction Foreman / Transmission 3/1/2013 9/1/2013
Foreman / Transmission - Set and pour Bases for 115KV steel poles General Foreman - Justin Ponikvar
Sturgeon Electric Foreman 2/1/2013 3/1/2013
Foreman - Escort high haul from Tucson, Az to Yuma, Az Superintendant - Eric Lauriha
Atkinson Power Foreman / Transmission 1/1/2012 6/1/2012
Foreman / Transmission - Run drop in's at Sub on 345 line near Corsicana, Tx General Foreman/Super - Steve Morris
Henkel's&McCoy General Foreman 6/1/2012 7/1/2012
General Foreman - Set up job John Gladden - Supervisor
PAR Electric General Foreman 12/1/2011 5/1/2012
General Foreman - Right of Way - Designate and mark roads for ROW provide water for sub contractors, interact with ROW monitors from the various groups monitoring the ROW. Lon Peterson Vice President Special Projects
Henkels & McCoy General Foreman / Sub Transmission & Distribution 4/1/2011 11/1/2011
General Foreman / Sub Transmission & Distribution Direct crews, obtain fly yards, interact with Utility, take care of material
unemployed unemployed 12/1/2010 4/1/2011
Sturgeon Electric Foreman 3/1/2010 12/1/2010
Foreman - Re-enforce arms on 500KV and 230KV steel poles due to cracks Mark Cunningham General Foreman
National Power Line Foreman 11/1/2009 3/1/2010
Foreman - Distribution General Justin Ponikvar General Foreman
PAR Electric QC 12/1/2008 4/1/2009
QC - QC at drill rig on foundations Doug Dixon was Project Manager
CANUS Corp Class I Construction Coordinator/Inspector 9/11/2017 1/26/2018
Class I Construction Coordinator/Inspector