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I have spent the last ten years devoting my work life to the electrical field obtaining a multitude of licenses along the way (Please refer to Resume). Every day I’m learning and achieving goals is a day well spent; I fell into the high voltage field by chance and never looked back. Ever since entering the field I wanted to be the best I could not only for myself, but the company I represent. I have always seen Relay Technicians as my end goal and have worked extremely hard to have the chance at an apprenticeship. As you will see in my resume I was fortunate enough to ascertain an immense amount of training in test equipment via KVA Electric, and don’t want it to stop there. Given the opportunity for an apprenticeship I would make sure to prove myself a valuable an permanent employee.


  • Journeyman Electrician


License EL01 Industrial Electrical License

Employment History

KVA Foreman Substation Tech. 4/4/2016 9/1/2017
With KVA Electric our job functions primarily consisted of assembling, testing, and commissioning substation equipment. In large we specialized in transformers; from assembling bushings, radiators, and auxiliary devices to hot oil vacuum filling. Alongside the assembly and processing I was trained in KVA’s test equipment which consisted of: Power factor and excitation, DC winding resistance, TTR, Megger, CT test set, and FRAX.