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Have been in line work for 39 years, and think I'm qualified to become an inspector


License cdl 8/14/2015 8/5/2021

Employment History

Osmose utility Journeyman lineman 8/8/2016 9/15/2016
Inspecting wire
Alvah const QEW/ journeyman lineman 10/3/2015 5/30/2016
qualified electrical worker, watching workers in and around electrical vaults and man holes/ and doing basic linework
Interen Journeyman Lineman 8/8/2015 9/20/2015
Klondyke Journeyman Lineman 7/13/2015 8/21/2015
Lineman work
Sturgeon Electric Journeyman Lineman 5/20/2015 6/25/2015
Lineman work
Sturgeon Electric Journeyman Lineman 12/11/2012 5/27/2014
Lineman work
Wilson Electric Journeyman Lineman 4/1/2015 4/24/2015
Lineman work
Sturgeon Journeyman Lineman 4/3/2013 11/20/2013
Lineman work. Erecting steel towers.
Wesadi Electric Journeyman Lineman 11/10/2011 1/20/2012
Lineman work
Le Meyers Journeyman Lineman 7/6/2011 11/20/2011
Lineman work
Arizona Public Service Foreman/Journeyman Lineman 9/15/1999 1/18/2010
Lineman work
CalInc-Serivces Class I Construction Coordinator/Inspector 10/5/2016 10/20/2017
Class I Construction Coordinator/Inspector