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I have been in the trade since November of 1980 my first 20 years were with SCE in that time I held the positions of lineman Electrical crew foreman and trouble man. The rest of the time I have been involved in outside construction and held the positions of Foreman General foreman and Project manager,involved in both overhead and underground projects with some Transmission work.Line


High School Thousand Island high school 9/17/1976 6/17/1978

Employment History

Southern California Edison Troubleman 10/6/1980 3/8/2001
Troubleshoot distribution lines and respond to trouble calls
Imperial Irrigation District Troubleman 3/28/2001 12/31/2002
Troubleshoot Distribution and Transmission circuits switch and isolate including substation switching.
Par Electric Lineman 6/5/2002 12/13/2002
Replace deteriorated poles and train apprentices.
E&E electric lineman 12/16/2002 1/13/2003
Underground cable splicing
Polk & Stienly Lineman 1/17/2003 3/22/2003
Transmission reconductor and install steel structures
Par electric Lineman 3/26/2003 5/29/2003
Replace deteriorated poles
Henkles & McCoy General Foreman 6/2/2003 10/30/2005
pre field and schedule work for 5 crews do crew safety visits and QC inspections. Meet with customer about any concerns and upcoming projects.
Par electric Foreman 11/1/2005 6/30/2010
Replace deteriorated poles overhead and underground rebuilds.
Cam electric Foreman 7/3/2010 2/28/2011
Replace deteriorated pole and install distribution automation.
Par electric Project Manager 3/6/2011 3/18/2013
Do job walks with customers on bid work, put together and submit estimates on jobs. Comb prints and task work For SCE upon completion of jobs reconcile for billing.
Hot line construction Foreman 4/3/2013 12/30/2013
Replace deteriorated poles
Herman Wieseker Foreman 1/1/2014 1/30/2014
Replace deteriorated poles
United power General foreman 2/1/2014 9/30/2015
Pre field and schedule work for 5 crews both overhead and underground.
Wilson construction Lineman 10/1/2015 10/30/2015
retrofitting steel towers.
Faith electric Foreman 11/18/2015 4/30/2016
Replacing deteriorated poles
Par electric Lineman 5/3/2016 9/30/2016
Fire restoration of distribution lines including helicopter work.
Faith electric General foreman 10/2/2016 3/30/2017
schedule work for line crews.
Canus Compliance inspector 5/8/2017
Inspect overhead and underground facilities.