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View1/9/20182E7376B0Skilled, conscientious, and precise journeyman lineman with sixteen years of experience in all aspects of line work. Possessing a working knowledge of specifications, appropriate use of equipment, techniques of the trade, safety standards and practices. Proficient in reviewing plans, reading blueprints, diagrams, specification sheets for power line projects with proven ability to provide “out of t...
View1/10/20180FA86ED540 years of experience working for PG&E. Started in San Jose Gas Department for 3 years, then moved to Cupertino yard as a Lineman. Option 1 & 2 Inspections for the last 17 years. Up to date on all PG&E required training (such as safety, rubber gloving, first aid, etc.) and full knowledge of Green Book & Underground Standards specifications. Changed number of years
View1/13/2018AF3B3BB6Presently employed as a Senior Civil Inspector for Substation Construction and Inspections at PG&E. Also have worked as a Special Inspector, Civil Inspector, project manager and construction manager. Certified as a special inspector in all disciplines; Experience as a certified Caltrans concrete, asphalt and soils testing and sampling technician. Experience working in PG&E substations, Hydro an...
View1/13/20184FBF5AABDuring my employment with PG&E, we were required to know and intimately understand PG&E's overhead and underground books of standards and the California G.O. 95 and G.O. 128 manuals. When my employment changed to City of Ukiah. I helped the utility implement and utilize a standards program that closely mirrored PG&E's overhead and underground requirements. Both G.O. manuals were utilized in their ...
View1/5/2018F11DE91FInspections related to substation civil work.
View1/8/20184E30041AProvide electrical inspection services for overhead line crews for transmission and distribution; 40-year career in General Construction electric line department with Pacific Gas and Electric Company in progressive leadership roles; planned and distributed work, oversee maintenance and emergency repairs; promoted a safe and productive work environment; effectively communicate with co-workers, othe...
View1/3/20186A4BC866I am very interested in working for your organization and I would appreciate an interview for the position to discuss my qualifications and our mutual interest.

I would like to offer my 40 years of experience in the Electric Utility Industry for a position in your organization. I have several years of experience as a GC Front Line Supervisor, lineman, and crew foreman with General Construction, I...
View1/16/20186F883ECF - General Engineer
- Manager Experience
- Great Communication Skills
- OSHA Safety Standards & Regulations
- PG&E Station Construction Inspection
- Commercial Driver's License
- Read and understand Prints
- Bid work
- Operate: Excavators, Graders, Backhoe’s, Compactor Rollers, Loaders, bobcat skid steer, dump trucks
- Knowledge and experience of Asphalt Paving, Carpentry, Concrete Formin...
View1/7/201832B409CBJourneyman Electrician
View1/7/2018D2B851CDJourneyman Electrician
View1/14/20180001E61Dwork for PGE for 38yrs. Trouble man for 14yrs Sub Foreman for 10 yrs Liman 10yrs Retried 2005 from Livermore yard.
View1/11/2018B9DDBB41Not Specified
View1/15/201870C27B88Excellent in communication
Exceptional ability to do work in all size of group
Good at handling blueprints and required tasks
Able to perform work necessary for the building and maintenance of every type of power line.
Able to handle all equipment used in transmission and distribution of power systems
View2/26/20172D85AB9EFamiliar and Professional with Distribution and Transmission Gas Facilities. Knowledgable with Primary and Secondary Electrical "Civil" Construction. (Not a QEW!). Able to read and understand Construction Drawings. Confident with Construction Practices in order to Inspect the work of outside construction companies doing work for PG&E. Good communicator using both verbal and written practices! ...
View5/16/20178562C85EI have been a lineman for the past 25 years. I have spent the marjority of this time traveling, working for various contractors across the country. I am safety minded and a hardworking individual that is tired of living out of a suitcase and would like to settle down in paradise.

I have worked many different jobs in linework; 69 KV to 765 KV, transmission steel and wood lines, all facets of distr...
View12/16/2017CF600ECDI have worked for PG&E for 31 years, the last 15 years as a Foreman. I have worked as a Foreman for 15 years on the outside line (Union Hall) and have been an Inspector for CalInc for 2 years. I have an extensive knowledge of the Book of Standards. I have 45 years of training in First Aid and CPR.
View1/9/20179778FCC4I have 5 years of construction experience including the last 6 months with PG&E as a hiring hall worker for GC Hydro. I also have experience as a carpenter working for multiple companies while doing an apprenticeship for Associated Builders and Contractors. I am currently on leave from that while I pursue a position with Canus. During my time as a carpenter I have developed skills as a framer, roo...
View5/25/20170219F550Instructor - 3 Day Climbing School - Mission Trail Region
Instructor - Overhead Construction Refresher Training
Instructor - Underground Construction Refresher Training
Instructor - Mission Trail Region Single Point Grounding Training
Lead Supervisor / Instructor, Los Padres Division in Work Management
Training Program - Scheduled all Construction work computer based
Safety Supervisor Los Padres D...
View11/19/2017E02C5D2B31 years working for PG&E. Started as a groundman, apprentice lineman, lineman & foreman. Worked overhead and underground voltages from 120 to 21KV. worked 3 years in GC and the rest of my career in division. Spent 1 year doing compliance work before it was an official department. Spent 5 years watching contractors.
Past 1 1/2 yrs working for Calinc Services as a contract/compliance inspector.

Madison County 20 MW Wind Farm
- Rochester Gas & Electric Substation
- Solvay Substation 40 MVA Transformer
- 30 MW Wind Farm – Fenner, NY
- Wyoming County Wind Farm
- 55.4 MVA Transformers – NYPA
- Cogen Plants Start-Up & Commission
- Substations Start-Up & Commission
- Canus Corp as Senior Test Tech
- Sub station test tech 2004-2007
- Hydro test tech 2007- 2017
View12/27/20177EC778DEClearance Coordinator Job Description:

Provide Electric Substation Clearance Planning for Contracts, Inspection Groups and TSM&C Construction.

Attend Project & Clearance Meetings and Walk-Downs to determine Schedules, Required Clearances, and best Calendar Options.

Prepare Clearance Sequence with Prints and Reviews with Sub-Foreman to ensure Safe Working Distances, determine Emergency Restore...
View12/22/20178E06B2BFPG&E: Line Dept from 6/21/1962 until 1964. Substation Maintenance - Helper 1964 Until 1965 - Apprentice Substation Electrical for 26 weeks - Apprentice Electrical Technician until 1969 - Journeyman Electrical Technician until 1984 - Substation Maintenance Supervisor until 12/31/1994. NCPA: Hydro Maintenance Supervisor 1/3/1995 until 6/2001. CANUS: Start Up Test Specialist 3/11/2002 to 1/18/2015. S...
View10/4/2017E24CCE57I have spent the last ten years devoting my work life to the electrical field obtaining a multitude of licenses along the way (Please refer to Resume). Every day I’m learning and achieving goals is a day well spent; I fell into the high voltage field by chance and never looked back. Ever since entering the field I wanted to be the best I could not only for myself, but the company I represent. I ha...
View10/8/20170E973157working on skid steer,mini excavators, dump trucks and work trucks.
General maintenance and repairs as needed.
field work consists of repairs to keep equipment safe and in good working order to limit down time.
use of skip loaders,mini excavators,skid steer(bobcats and cat) forklift certification.
I am a team player and follow directions. I believe safety and comunication are very important in any...
View12/14/20173E4C7A97I have been with IBEW for 16 years. Positions I have had include General Manager, General Foreman, Foreman, and site superintendent. I am also an operator of heavy equipment, including cranes.
View10/31/2017371E8518Worked 9 years with PG&E. Left the company in March to pursue electrical contracts in Truckee California. While with PG&E, i started as a utility worker. I then became a lead electrician and project coordinator. Was responsible for entering outages for my region for all projects. In charge of and managed 20 electricians and multiple projects simultaneously. Resume attached for full details.
View11/6/2017C0D92A6421 years as an electrician. All aspects of commercial, industrial and railroad electrical installations. Class A drivers license. Bucket truck trained and certified. Current first aid/cpr card.
View4/13/20176F7D5FB9Experience with various power and hand tools,
Handling and installing windows, showers and mirrors,
experience with heights and rock climbing
ability to adapt and learn quickly and efficiently
View4/11/2017ABA37260I’ve been working in this trade for about a few years now picking up valuable skills like knowing the basic hand tools and how to use them properly. I’ve also learned proper safety techniques over the years of being a contractor for PG&E. I’m highly motivated to learn new things in this trade
View10/27/20178196AF02Trained as a Work & Resource Coordinator.

Experienced at Clearance requests – notifications-S.A.P. DART & most Line related PG&E programs.

Basic Electricity/ Emeryville 1980

Basic & Advanced Lineman schools / Kettleman 1981

Rubber Glove Certified/1991

Journeyman Lineman 1981 - 2012
View3/30/2017707A4F04Journeyman Lineman / underground and overhead distribution lines
Journeyman Lineman I overhead transmission lines
Bare hand Training / for working on energized transmission lines
Electric Troubleman / distribution
Electric Troubleman / transmission
Utilities Aviation Specialist / helicopter power line patrols
Trained in tower structure rescue

Completed Company Training:

Incidental Pesticide Us...
Sean McLean
2 Walnut Circle ~ Chico, CA 95973 ~ (530) 945-7443 ~

Safety oriented individual with a professional attitude.
• Effectively led crews to safely remodel substations while working in close vicinity to high voltage electricity.
• Demonstrate professional behavior while dealing with contractors, co-workers and the public.
• Take pride in my work and pay close attention ...
View12/23/2017202A7D6EI’m a qualified and certified journeyman electrician who turned out in 2003 from the IBEW JATC Local Union 357 in Las Vegas, NV. I have experience in conduit installation of all sizes, conductor installation, single and three phase switchgear and panel installation, along with everything from 12.4k splice, elbow and straight terminations to CAT and fiber optic terminations. I have training and exp...
View10/18/201720C293B2Electrician experience and responsibilities: Proficiently read one line diagrams, blue prints and schematics. Knowledge of industry standards, regulations, and NEC code. Installation of metal clad switch gear up to 67kv, distribution boards, panels, transformers, branch wire, feeder wire, medium voltage systems and low voltage, lighting systems, UPS systems/ back-up generators, transfer switches, ...
View9/26/201770F40AA5PERSONAL: Born in San Luis Obispo, CA. I have resided in SLO County all my life. Married 35 years and raised 4 children. My family is a third generation and my wife’s family was part of the Spanish Land grants back in history for San Luis Obispo County. We have numerous relatives that still reside in San Luis Obispo County.

ACTIVITIES: Community involvement includes many years coaching Littl...
View10/24/2017DEA4A1C1Substation construction both greenfield and station remodel Automation upgrade (SCADA)
View5/2/2017AEC0E8B3lineman for pge for 30 years 3 months. new buisness inspector for 22 years and 6 months
View10/31/2017CEA686EEJourneyman Lineman with extensive experience in transmission, conversions, splicing, terminating, underground, the Network, GO95. Experience working on a PG&E Property. OSHA 10 Certified.
View8/30/20178FB99B98I am a certified California general electrician. I am familiar with the nec code book. I have used the PG&E green book when I have done rule 16's and 20. I am punctual and a fast learner.
View7/4/2017AE19E314Maintenance and construction of overhead/underground distribution. Underground termination, padmount transformers, overhead transformer banks, substation operation, trouble shooting, project maintenance and inspection, problem solving, computer skills, good-natured, attention to detail.
View3/25/2017841F61A3Journeyman lineman, compliance inspector since 2011, osha 30 cert., worked in Fresno, Bakersfield, Oakland, Concord, San Rafael, San Francisco, San Jose, Napa, Oroville, and many other areas. Worked on special switch inspection project, and special ground rod project. Retired PG&E.
View12/8/20178AA930BCElectric Estimator - Design electric facilities for every type.
Senior New Business Rep. - Work with every type of commercial, residential and agricultural project.
AutoCAD - Full understanding and use of this program.
Word, Excel and Outlook - Have used these programs for past 25 years.
District Supervisor - Provided supervision to numerous employees in various offices for 30 years.
View11/3/2017801B32EDKnowledge in all phases of electric overhead and underground distribution construction
View10/8/2017943145CDA position with the opportunity to use my skills in Substation Construction as a Canus Inspector and a Team Leader. I have 40 years of experience in this field with Pacific Gas and Electric.


Station Construction (1985-2011):
Moraga Substation, 115kv mpac building & bank#3 replacement.
- Oakland Sta “D”, 12kv metalclad circuit-breaker installation.
- Pittsburg switchyard, 1...
View8/27/201778C8E62FHeld a CDL TXP for 40 years, have been certified on several different pieces of equipment , at PG&E I worked in foundations from setting the template, digging the holes, tying rebar cages and setting and bolt patterns, and pouring the concrete, then erecting the towers including running the equipment to dig the foundations, to building the roads into tower site, pretty much all phases of Tower w...
View8/11/20179289CD40Working at Southern California Edison I held various positions. With Construction field Forces I was upgraded to Cable Supervisor for about four years.
I was a Construction Rep. with Construction Field Forces, working with various contractors on many projects. As the liaison for Edison with the Contractor, dealing with project management issues.
I worked as a Quality Control Inspector, inspecting...
View8/10/201758D55B49I have worked 38 years with PG&E in electric construction. In that time, I have spent 23 years on construction crews and another 15 years as a troubleman in Placerville service center.
View10/13/2017C5FDC243Lineman,Troubleman, Foreman, Line School Instructor,Underground Specialist, OH Specialist, Construction Supervisor, Superintendent, Senior Construction Manager, 38 years with PG&E all Electric Line Construction. 40 total years in electric utility. Rubber Glove Certified, Long Line Certified, Bare Hand Certified, Crane Cert, CDLA, Tanker, Doubles, Triples & Haz Matt., 30 years experience working i...
View1/2/20172E49AF8Deighteen years electrical installation experience. twelve years electrical foreman.
View9/12/20170FDD9D19Well qualified Industrial/Commercial Electrician with 32+ years of professional experience. that professional background has equipped me with solid practical skills combined with a deep understanding of the electrical industry. Recognized for high degree of integrity and ability to solve problems right the first time. Friendly and skilled at building trust and cooperation with management, co-wo...
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