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View3/3/2019D84516genral construction, concrete, framing, plumbing, electrical, welding, burning, inspection, conduit
View1/20/201954E06E52Seasoned, results-oriented professional with experience steering and directing all aspects of line construction. Success with safely orchestrating multiple projects with competing priority levels. Effectively collaborates with all groups to achieve organizational objectives.

Offer a 40 year track record demonstrating problem solving skills, computer competency, safe work practices, and the abili...
View1/18/2019B9EF18C7Jouneyman lineman for 50 years and GF for 28 years of the 50. Have worked on highline, distribution, underground, substation and New Orleans river crossing. Also large highline job with helicopters.
Mr. John J. Thomas, PE has program management and technical experience in the following general areas:
• Construction Management& Inspection
• Electrical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Project Management
• Construction Planning & Scheduling
• Estimating
• Resource Management
View1/3/2019A15175Experienced in all aspects of construction projects, from management, hiring, overseeing payroll, training employees and appointing specific crews to projects they were qualified for. I have exceptional skills with heavy equipment operation, particularly in the field of Excavation, Directional Boring, Demolition, Pipe Fusion and Welding. Specific experience with underground electrical vaults and t...
View3/10/20190ED2A813-Elevated work experience (ladders, scaffolding, boom lifts, etc)
-Construction, fabrication, layout and design
-Surveying, mapping, and topography
-Heavy equipment and light truck/trailer experienve
-Automotive and equipment service/repair
-Customer service and sales experience
-Record keeping
View3/8/20199A0485F4• Proficient knowledge and skilled usage of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for company marketing
• Excellent oral, written, interpersonal communication skills
• Knowledge in computer applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Word, Excel, and Outlook
• Perseverance
• Time management
• Teamwork
• Problem solving
• Leadership
• Event planning
• Punctuality
View2/13/20191F0961A3I completed JATC certified electrical program and a member of the IBEW I am seasoned International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) journeyman line clearance tree trimmer. I have extensive knowledge in safety and application of OHSA 1910.269, ANSI Z133 working and safe application in line clearance operations. I am well balanced in experience throw my career with operation, consult, management, util...
View1/9/2019C6AC8FC250 +years of underground and overhead , transmission, distribution utlitily construction. All my years have been with P.G.&E and for the last 15years working through Canus as a seasonal employee.

Lineman YellowTicket with IBEW 1245 " A" card

Retired as a Transmission Line Supervisor in 2004
View3/10/2019120C2D1EWorking with all basic hand and power tools. experienced in, and certified in lift operations.
View1/21/20197EC778DEClearance Coordinator Job Description:

Provide Electric Substation Clearance Planning for Contracts, Inspection Groups and TSM&C Construction.

Attend Project & Clearance Meetings and Walk-Downs to determine Schedules, Required Clearances, and best Calendar Options.

Prepare Clearance Sequence with Prints and Reviews with Sub-Foreman to ensure Safe Working Distances, determine Emergency Restore T...
View2/20/20198DE02FA1Journeyman Lineman
25 yrs
Transmission; Distribution (overhead and underground)Substaions.
View2/27/20192485E793I am apply for the position of Technical Advisor in Bakersfield, Ca. as I have recently retired for a long career with a public utility and have been ask to come back to work on RTS/Powerbase.
View1/16/2019750CDE9AJourneyman Lineman , distribution, both overhead and underground. Worked in capacity of both Lineman and Foreman.
Seeking employment as either compliance inspector or electrical line inspector
View1/28/2019E75BD6I have performed all the duties as a journeyman lineman such as bare hand, energized and maintenance.
I have worked with Union Companies such as Dillard Smith, Miller, PAR, J W Didado, Asplundh, United Power, City Pacific Services, BBC, BSJ Power, Henkles and McCoy, and Michels; as well as Non-union companies such as Red Simpson, High Lines, SEC, Irby, Underground Utilities D&H Electric
View2/3/2019C5FB1057Yellow ticket Journeyman lineman, transmission, distribution, bucket truck, digger truck
View2/24/2019E2D9BBE4Electric Transmission System Operator and Control Center Supervisor of both transmission and distribution control centers.
The ability to visualize complex sequences of clearances for the integration of new equipment into electric substations. Additionally, write test programs, plan clearances, and understand protection issues throughout construction projects.
Extensive distribution and transmi...
View3/7/201924B632D2• Experience in most types of switchgear testing through the 480V, 5kV, 13.8 kV, 138 kV,
230kV, 345kV and 500kV class and Good theoretical understanding of electrical power systems
• Experience to perform field tests to includes: Timing, Ductor, CT’s / PT’s Ratio, Megger, Hi-Pot., Power Factor and calibrate relays
• Knowledge of power plant electrical systems, able to safety and correctly per...
View3/1/2019841F61A3Journeyman lineman, compliance inspector since 2011, osha 30 cert., worked in Fresno, Bakersfield, Oakland, Concord, San Rafael, San Francisco, San Jose, Napa, Oroville, and many other areas. Worked on special switch inspection project, and special ground rod project. Retired PG&E.
My objective is to be an asset to the organization and extend my many years of knowledge,
experience, and skills to help others and myself succeed.

1975 graduate of Jeffersontown High School, Jeffersontown, KY
1975-1977 University of Louisville, Louisville, KY/ no degree
Experience ...
View3/11/20198AA930BCElectric Estimator - Design electric facilities for every type.
Senior New Business Rep. - Work with every type of commercial, residential and agricultural project.
AutoCAD - Full understanding and use of this program.
Word, Excel and Outlook - Have used these programs for past 25 years.
District Supervisor - Provided supervision to numerous employees in various offices for 30 years.
View3/10/2019178E16To obtain gainful employment in an environment that both utilizes and challenges my skills in the Electrical generation and distribution field.

Relevant Skills:
Positive attitude
Strong customer skills
Journeyman Lineman/Foreman/Troubleman
Familiar with all aspects of electrical distribution and transmission systems
Solid leadership skills
Excellent communication skills
Ability to lead, as well a...
View1/19/2019A1D2BB43lineman 11yrs. supervisor 15yrs. compliance inspecter 6yrs. 3years option 2 inspector
View3/8/2019943145CDA position with the opportunity to use my skills in Substation Construction as a Canus Inspector and a Team Leader. I have 40 years of experience in this field with Pacific Gas and Electric.


Station Construction (1985-2011):
Moraga Substation, 115kv mpac building & bank#3 replacement.
- Oakland Sta “D”, 12kv metalclad circuit-breaker installation.
- Pittsburg switchyard, 1...
View2/5/20190FA86ED540 years of experience working for PG&E. Started in San Jose Gas Department for 3 years, then moved to Cupertino yard as a Lineman. Option 1 & 2 Inspections for the last 20 years. Up to date on all PG&E required training (such as safety, rubber gloving, first aid, etc.) and full knowledge of Green Book & Underground Standards specifications. Changed number of years No change
View1/8/201958D55B49I have worked 38 years with PG&E in electric construction. In that time, I have spent 23 years on construction crews and another 15 years as a troubleman in Placerville service center.
View2/22/20195A1C3149I am currently employed by CANUS as a Senior Inspector for Pacific Gas and Electric.
Prior the working for CANUS as a PG&E Inspector, I was employed as a Project Field Manager (PFM) and (CM) for Black & Veatch, responsible for the construction of electrical substation, transmission and distribution power line, as well as performing design review, site development, line clearance coordination, proc...
View1/18/2019DAA1524120 plus years as an Electrician, 9 years working inside substations, 5 years Project managing substation work and 1 year of testing inside a substation. I am skilled in computers as I have my Bachelor's degree in computer science. I am a fast learner and ready to work. I am currently on the books at local 47 but they do not have a Testman book to sign so I am on the Subtech 3 book.
View1/16/2019339A94CEHot Sticking
Rubber Gloving
Basic electricity
Live Line Training
switching training
View3/9/2019E043EBE2PG&E 6/2/1972 to 6/01/2009-Journeyman Electric Lineman (06/12/1972-07/20/1980), Electric Estimator (07/20/1980- 10/10/1982) preparing electric estimates, (Associate Distribution Engineer-Electric) assigning and reviewing work for Estimators (10/10/1982-thru 06/01/2009), PG&E thru ESC hiring hall 12/27/2011 thru 04/05/2013 and 05/13/2013 thru 06/13/2014 (Sr. Electric Estimator)-preparing electric ...
View1/30/20194F13B59CHired on PG&E line construction October 5, 1966 and worked on the 500KV tower line until I entered the Army in July 1967. I served two years one year was in the infantry in Vietnam in 1968 and then was Honorably discharged in July 1969. I returned to PG&E line construction in August 1969. I worked my way up the ladder and became a crane operator building towers mostly until I was awarded a bid to...
View3/4/201918A3B9F2I worked 31 years for PG&E as a System Operator including the position of Lead System Operator. I processed applications of clearances for PG&E & contract crews, wrote, checked & directed routine and emergency switch logs. I worked in the switchyard at Morro Bay Power Plant, San Luis Obispo Control Center, Concord Distribution Control Center and North Distribution Control Center. Areas covered inc...
View1/14/201924E4B7Thorough knowledge of standard methods, materials, and practices used in construction, maintenance, and repair of electric power transmission, substations and distribution systems. I am a Journeyman Lineman, Meterman, Troubleman. I have been involved with the layout of design and configuration of a substation. I have wired two complete control houses. I have built, maintained and repaired Substati...
View1/14/2019CB6D46Thorough knowledge of standard methods, materials, and practices used in construction, maintenance, and repair of electric power transmission, substations and distribution systems. I am a Journeyman Lineman, Meterman, Troubleman. I have been involved with the layout of design and configuration of a substation. I have wired two complete control houses. I have built, maintained and repaired Substati...
View1/28/2019155CBFSome of the experience I have throughout my career,
Foundation Layout, Setting Forms, Finishing Concrete, Layout with Theodolite, Blue Prints, Equipment Operator, Crew Lead, Snap Tie Walls, Rebar Layout and Instal I, Shooting Grade, Fabricator Technician
Substations I have worked at: Eureka E, Bay Meadows, Five Points Solar sub, Mcall Sub, Valley Springs, Big River, Pittsburgh(Solar), Vega(Solar)...
View1/31/20196B2BC90APerformed all duties required for this position as a journeyman working for Pacific Gas & Electric Co and Western Area Power Administration. Have 34 years experience in all aspects of required maintenance and commissioning testing of protective relays using AVO MPRT and SMRT using AVTS software where I help develop testing files, Omicron CMC test sets with Test Universe software. Performing everyt...
Obtain a long-term position with the company which showcases my skillset and furthers the long-term growth and safety goals of both myself and the company.

Computer Skills
Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel as well as Google Docs, Prezi, and Quickbooks.
View3/14/2019C607BB5628 years employed by SMUD in Sacramento to include 6 yrs Nuclear Power Plant Electrician, 6 yrs Substation Electrician experience and 15 yrs Substation Foreman experience.
View2/24/201956623B1739 years experience in Hydro Generation and Pumping operations, Transmission and Distribution Dispatching and Hydro Water Crew Maintenance.

Specific Job Titles and Duties:

Presently SR Transmission Line Clearance Coordinator.

1 year - SR Construction/Electrical Inspector - South Valley Inspection.

7 years - Generation Supervisor for the Lower Kings River and Helms PSP Projects.

2 years - Hydr...
View3/10/2019ACEB1CMobile, Qualified, Certified, Reliable and Punctual

Installing and testing Breakers,Switches,CCVT’s,PT’s,Banks,also
Relays, DFR’s, RTU’s/Scada
Modern and outdated electrical control systems, Raceways/Cable trays,
switchgear, disconnects, panelboards, sub-panels, motor starters, lighting control and fire alarm

Have supervised and trained many other electricians/apprentices for the proper techniq...
View1/22/20195B822ED3Union Journeyman lineman for 50 years and General Foreman for 21 of the 50. Completed all aspects of line work in distribution, high line, underground and substation.
View1/14/20196633DD47I’ve been in the Electrical trade for approximately 37yrs. I hold 3 Journeyman tickets in the IBEW and they are as a Lineman, a Wireman, and a Cable Splicer. As such, I am able to to perform almost any task required on any project where any kind of electrical work is required. I have also worked numerous positions as well as management positions. Foreman, General Foreman and Superintendent.
My foc...
View1/22/2019105B01I am an adaptable professional who has been consistently praised as efficient by my co-workers and management. Over the course of my 6-year career, I’ve developed a skill set directly relevant to the Electrician role you are hiring for, including schematic drawings, logic test systems, and equipment maintenance. Overall, I have consistently demonstrated leadership, problem-solving, and technical a...
View2/22/20198C299C25I am currently employed by CANUS as a Senior Inspector for Pacific Gas and Electric. Prior to this I was a Project Field Manager (PFM) and (CM) for Black & Veatch and was responsible for the construction of electrical substation, transmission and dstribution power lines. My duties as a Project Field Manager include Safety, Quality Control, Construction - design review, site development, line clear...
• HV Troubleshooter
• Journeyman Lineman
• Senior Leadership Training
• GO 165 Public Safety & Regulatory Compliance
• NIMS ICS Trained 100, 200, 800
View3/6/201994112AB0Worked for PG&E from 7/18/1983-3/1/2018. Substation Maintenance.
View1/4/201938F9F36E6+ Years of electrical Distribution. 2+ years of electrical Transmission. Osha 10 T&D. Long Line/ Helicopter work. Class A CDL. CPR. Pole top rescue/ Bucket rescue.
View2/6/2019A24400journeyman lineman certificate from the state of Minnesota on 11-19-1990. Class A CDL drivers license, proficient in climbing wood , steel , and aluminum structures.
hot sticking voltages 12KV to 230KV,rubber gloving 4KV to 34KV, Bare hand 46KV and 115KV,worked underground vaults and direct buried. 32years experience in line work in multiple states and territories. Held positions of lineman ,troub...
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