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View1/31/2016AD9D742ESenior Tester
View4/9/2016EBFE4B1ECertified Welder familiar with AWS D1.1 and D1.4 structural welding code
Maintenance and repair of most mechanical machinery and equipment
Loading and unloading semi flat bed trucks with forklifts
Familiar with the following structural steel shop machinery:
Vertical and horizontal steel saw
Breaks, punches and shears
Steel and pipe bending machinery
Drill presses and steel presses
Warehouse, forkl...
View9/9/20169972EF7E• Military Veteran with 4 years’ experience upholding the highest safety standards in stressful and hostile situations
• extremely motivated
• Stress management
• Personnel management
• Capable problem solver
• Detail oriented
• Leadership
• Adult first aid and CPR certified
• Stick and wire fed welding certified
• Wiring experience
• Windows proficiency
• Certified inner shield welder...
View4/28/20163ABAD1E7UPS safety chair. PGE safety lead north coast area 2013.
Former Canus substation and dress and test inspector.

- 25 years of telecomm service experience.
ƒ - 48V power plant, microwave and wireless experience.
- Experience installing, programming and maintaining RF equipment.
ƒ - T1, LAN/WAN installation and troubleshooting.
ƒ - Tower climbing, antenna and coax installation.
ƒ - FCC GROL license
View3/14/201646148765Skills / Equipment:

- Team Leader, Safety Lead, Clearance Co-coordinator
- Haz. Materials Co-coordinator
- Any and all Equipment needed to Install Sub Station Equipment (see above)
View12/16/2016A17F825DRelay Testing and Commissioning 69kV -500kV
Meter Testing and Commissioning 69kV - 500kV
SCADA Checkout 69kV -500kV
PT/CCVT/CT Commissioning and Testing 69lV - 500kV
Power Circuit Breaker Testing and Commissioning 69kV - 500kV
Power Transformer Testing and Commissioning 69kV - 500kV
Electric Utility Substation Commissioning 69kV - 500kV
Project Management for Relay, Substation and Transmission Lin...
View6/27/2016E27E84C4I've been employed in the electrical industry as a contractor for 24 years installing, repairing, and maintaining high voltage overhead, and underground components. In 2008 I became a member of an electrical contractors Safety and training department. Traveled across the country and Canada to ensure effective compliance of the company, customer and OSHA regulations were being met. I have attached ...
View4/15/201663ED4C92Objective Statement:
I am seeking a challenging position with a company that will allow me to utilize my exceptional skills and experience as an accomplished Communication Technician/Specialist.

Summary of Qualifications

• Communication
• Teamwork
• Leadership • Top Secret Clearance
• Training
• Organized • Cognitive Thinking
• Motivated
• Attention to Detail

Work History and Professional Ex...
View8/22/20166BB69D4440+ years in construction. From underground utilities to multi story structures, from hands on to superintendent. In all my years I have maintained safety at all my sites and knowledge of OSHA and PG&E safety standards. I have worked for company's that perform PG&E civil work, so I have worked with 5217 spec's and job specific spec's. I have held safety, tailboard and JHA meeting daily. I have ran...
View4/28/201610DCFECFProject Forecasting, Project Budget management, team building, construction management, Project Scope planning & scope management, Design team building and design package issuance, Risk management & remediation, P6, Substation / Tline / Distribution project management, RFI & RFP & Proposal , EPC and EP project management, Electrical Engineering, Maintenance & System engineering, Power plant engin...
View10/30/20167079DA7Dproficient use of hand and power tools, welding, torching, fall equipment, use of all ppe, customer service
View4/18/2016A736E935Tested SEL Relay 351S, Tested SEL Relays 411L, QuickAcSELelator,SEL 5401, AutoCAD, PowerWorld, Etap , SCADA
View9/22/2016340B3D42Five years of experience in commercial and industrial electrical work.
Extensive knowledge in underground, primary and secondary conduit and vault installations.
Ability to complete any manual labor tasks using a variety of tools and methods.
Experience with different types of hand and power tools.
Highly skilled in conduit bending with manual, electrical and hydraulic benders.
Ability to work saf...
View7/31/20162EC480DCObjective: Seeking a supervisory, management, or consulting position where my background
and experience can be utilized.

Summary of Qualifications:

• IBEW trained Journeyman Lineman
• IBEW trained Master Electrician
• High voltage distribution line construction, troubleshooting, & maintenance
• High voltage transmission line con...
View7/17/2016A01574D2Hard working female. Quick learner. Capable of operating heavy machinery and willing to pick up a shovel.
View8/19/2016996E0702Construction Management
Heavy Equipment Operation
Storm Water Protection Policies
Project Management
Land Surveying
OSHA Compliance
Commercial Construction
Management and Supervision
Residential Construction
Labor and Building Laws
Plan Estimating
Concrete Forming, Placing and
Job Safety/Hazard Analysis
Job Layout and Plan Reading
View4/15/2015AA05DA27The ability to learn new skills quickly, attention to detail and safety, and a strong work ethic makes me an excellent choice for the Utility Worker position with Canus Corporation. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how I may be of service to Canus Corportaion. In the interim, I appreciate the time you have spent reviewing my resume.

Customer Service; Time Management; Problem Solv...
View12/17/20154EBD5C8DPerformed numerous plant modifications which include raceway installations, mechanical work, and custom fabrication. Large scale cable and wire installations, experience in all areas of nuclear facilities, installing temporary and permanent 480v, 240v, and 120v disconnects. Experienced with Schematics and Single line drawings of Main Distribution Power, High Voltage Substation. Switch yard exper...
View5/21/2015B61EAC28Broad knowledge of utility substation, hydro, and communication facilities. Tested PG&E RAS and SFRAS. Installed updated transfer-trip panels for co-gens. Ran Bucks Creek PH start-up after '97 flood.
View9/18/20155FD8FE2CProject Supervisor with 5 years of experience as a direct contractor to PG&E civil . Crew Foreman in the topics of Safety, Management, Public Works Regulations, and General Construction. Acknowledged by clients and contractors as an exceptional communicator between all levels of personnel while being an on-site contractor and while managing or supervising in local division, working well alongside ...
View8/14/20157AC547FACertified journeyman lineman with over 14 years of experience. Considerable knowledge of the methods, tools, equipment and materials used in high and low voltage electrical installation and repair work, in both overhead and underground construction. I understand and apply safety in regards to PPE, equipment and tools. I follow complex instructions and have the ability to read and interpret const...
View12/15/201593D5C5D0I am pursuing the opportunity to become a Utility Worker within the Construction Organization of Canus Corporation and become a valuable asset for Pacific Gas & Electric.

• Completed and passed Physical Test Battery (PTB)
• Completed and passed the Work Orientation Inventory Exam (WOI)
• Comfortable wearing all personal protection equipment provided (PPE)
• Experience operating heavy equipment...
View8/10/2015FB01414DAs a Lineman, Foeman, or Manager I have attributes that only life experiences can bring. I have managed jobs and
worked with customers.
In have worked with deadlines and I understand the needs of the customers, the people I work for, the people that
work with me and for me.

Transmission Experience
Distribution Experience
Low voltage Experience
Substation Experience
Strong leadership skill...
View6/24/2015F4FB48D9All Testing in the Electricial Field
Scada . Installation of Transformer Banks Breakers of all Voltages all relays fire protection print corrections some design
Mpac and Ipac schemes Buildings 4kv 12kv 60 kv 115 kv 230kv
Fire protection system
worked on relays Schweitzer 311C 311L,279,321,387E,351 all types
Basler relays bEI-, GE relays T60 F60 C30 d60 L90
ABB 512 annuniciation all types.
View10/21/20155BF64B54Duties and Skills in IT /Telecom: Built and ran Cat 5 and Cat 6 cable, Punched down phone lines on 66 blocks and 110 blocks (568a, 568b, RJ-22, RJ-45). Installed modems, Cisco switches, routers, provided IP addresses, and performed Bit Error Rate Test for the equipment in the network, (Computers, Printers, Cameras, Video Monitoring Systems, Controlled Access, Fire Protection, Desktop Phones, and S...
View11/7/2015159219AEJourneyman Electrician with 35 years of electrical background, 30 years of commercial/industrial experience and 5 years of substation experience. I have provided for multiple electrical contractors the title and duties of foreman. Overseeing the layout, materials, guidance, and supervision for crews of 25+. During my foreman duties, I also was responsible for all office paperwork including payroll...
View11/2/201543159A89I have spent 42 years in the electric industry. A majority of that in the high voltage electric utility industry specializing in substation maintenance and construction with PG&E in Ukiah CA. as a supervisor and the east bay as a substation maintenance electrician
Extensive knowledge of all aspects of operation, maintenance and construction of high voltage electrical substations. This includes tra...

- 52 years total experience in utility construction and operations.
- 13 years experience in automated relay testing using Doble, AVO and Manta test equipment with their associated software packages. 5 years experience in using and developing ARTWIN software for relay testing.
- Experience in Substation Automation and Relay Testing that includes all types of relays...
View3/9/2015A0310403QUALIFYING SKILLS:

Acceptance Testing
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
Start-up Testing
Construction and Maintenance
Schematic Design
Labor Planning
Electrical Mechanical Equipment
Safety Planning
Solid State Equipment
Staff Training
Programmable Controllers
Estimating & Budgeting
Micro Processor Equipment
Hazardous Waste Management


A highly qualified self motivate...
View11/7/2015C1145155I am a Journeyman Electrician with management experience and exceptional people skills. I currently desire a role in a construction management position within the electrical field. I prove to be well-qualified in many facets of the electrical industry. I am driven to apply hands-on knowledge gained from field experience. I am versed in National Electrical Code and NFPA 70E along with holding O...
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