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View8/4/2014B2CACD80All areas of Line work.
Full-time employment within a solid, stable employer so that I may begin my career in the electrical industry.
View9/1/2014B367A488Seeking a challenging career that will utilize my 8+ years of progressive industrial and utility electrical experience.

- Proven commitment to success
- Dependable individual capable of managing a job-site as well as taking direction from supervisors
- Ability to quickly analyze, compare, and interpret detailed information, including blueprints, and make sound and accurate judgments based...
View9/14/2014FACCE418 Inside wire installation, junction box installation, Changed to Breaker Panels, installations of Breakers
 AC/DC power
 Mobile Radio
 Local area network (LAN) installation
 Hardware and software installation and troubleshooting on customer PC’s and Mac’s
 Database management
 Safety Training
 Radio, wiring, antennas install for PG&E
 Experience with antennas and transmission l...
View10/3/201420DADCD3Building and Pipeline Electrical inspector , NACE CIP level 1 coating inspector, CPWI+ Welding
inspector, Utility inspector, Master Electrician , extensive background in industrial and
commercial building codes and regulations, record keeping , information verification ,
physical inventory, scheduling , disciplinary actions , budget control , decision making ,
hiring/firing, inventory ...
View10/6/201418CB0D5BI am currently employed with the State of California CTA-PSCD. My responsibilities are to ensure telecommunications equipment and systems ( ie Land Mobile, Repeaters, Fixed Stations, Microwave, VoIP, dispatch centers, etc.) that are operating for the public safety and state government agencies. Perform maintenance repairs principally on site or at radio shop locations. Repairs are made to specifi...
View10/17/20142627227ATo obtain a healthy work position with a great working atmosphere.
To further develop my skills as a hard worker and to do the job given to me to the best of my ability.
For the past seven years, I have been running a small independent personal training business on my own.
I have lived in a few different cities throughout the last seven years. If there is any gap in my work history, it would ...
View8/27/20144E3F44C6Contractor with 12 years experience. Extensive background in all aspects of construction. Skilled Machine Operator with solid work history and proven ability to perform well in a team and individually.

Proven ability to manage and schedule large crews
Quality control
OSHA regulatory compliance
Blueprint reading and interpretation
Strong mechanical aptitude
Dependable independent work...
View10/21/201422A9B7ECElectrical Technician/Tester
 Test Tech for Canus/GE utility contracts for PGE.
 Relay/Protection upgrades, SCADA , IPAC & MPAC jobs
 Construction, maintenance and testing of substation apparatus, transformers, LTC’s, circuit breakers, panel wiring, battery systems, switch gear
 Installing steel structures, insulators, bus, switches, line disconnects
 Tested various types of high v...
View7/29/20143EA7E84D - Basic Electricity, basic system operator, advanced system operator - 24 months on the job training and 10 weeks classroom training.
- Digital fundamentals, basic mobiile radio, advanced mobile radio, Johnson Trunking Radio, basic telephony, GE Omin PBX, fiber Optics basic, analog/digital multiplexing, power line carrier, networking LAN/WAN, CISCO router configuration
- 30 months on the job t...
View10/10/201486DEF9E2PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS In the electrical field since 1989
Highly experienced in troubleshooting electrical and mechanical malfunctions;
Very familiar with power plants, steam generators, steam and gas turbines and the physics involved in generation and transmission of electricity;
Strong knowledge of protection equipment for motors, protection relays for generators, transformers and power...
To obtain a Maintenance Technician Position.


• Strong Electrical and mechanical knowledge.
• Knowledge of computer components (Hard drivers, CD driver, RAMs, Video Cards, Software, Installations, etc…)
• Able to identify electronic components (resistors, caps, diodes, transmitters, etc…)
• Knowledge of Hand/Power tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers, wire cutters, ...
To attain a position as a Utility Worker for PG&E that will enhance the skills I have through power pathway training as well as provide the opportunity for personal and professional growth and advancement opportunities.

• Loaded and unloaded trucks by hand, using a pallet jack and performing multiple operations on a forklift so that materials transferred smoothly in most e...
View9/17/2014E16310C6• Abilities to interpret specs, quantify, estimate, bid, implement safety practices in the field, deliver projects, motivate others

• Experience with accounting, invoicing, maintaining licenses, bonds, keeping impeccable notes. CDL class A Drivers License,

• Knowledgeable experience working with Excavation, Operating various equipment, proven ability to adapt and learn quickly. Strong mech...
View11/17/2014E84FFA06Electrician apprentice with 2 years work experience plus vocational school training. ET card and OSHA 30 certified.
View10/2/2014997F37BCHuman Resources Representative:

My experience covers 41 years of installations, troubleshooting, commissioning, start-up, maintenance, inspection and repair of power distribution systems. This includes primary and secondary distribution and uses in industrial, commercial and residential applications, mill volts to lightening. Over my career companies like Common Wealth Edison, Harley Davidson, ...
View10/5/201483C30886Summary of Qualification
Extensive experience as a laborer in the agriculture industry. Ability to establish excellent working relationships with clients, sub-contractors, and co-workers. Proven history of prioritizing to meet project completion deadlines. Computer literate in PC using Word, spreadsheets and data base software. Experience in operating a wide variety of heavy equipment such as...
View12/26/20143BF08CBENot Specified
View9/19/201431E69744Not Specified
View6/11/2014115F05D8Not Specified
My objective is to obtain a visible position in an established organization where I
can utilize my skills from past experiences.
Osha 10 Hour, Scaffold Card, Boom and Scissor Lift Training(BP Whiting IN),Carpenters Training Verification Card.
Started Out Building Houses From The Foundation Up, Have Built Bridges, Done
Pile Driving, Commercial...
View11/26/201494EE8FA7Professional License, Certification and Skills:
• California State Contractor’s License holder # 920704 Classifications A, B, C-21, D09, ASB, HAZ
• Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor , a AHERA requirement
• CDPH Lead Certified Supervisor S-26226
• Hazwoper 40 Hour Trained
• POST Trained
• Medic First Aid/CPR trained
• Operator of heavy equipment from 115,000lb excavator to bobcat skid-steer
• ...
View10/4/2014ABFEB61D• Complete tasks with creative problem- solving skills • Use variety of electrical and pneumatic tools
• Common-sense approach to problem solving • Use of tools at heights of 20+feet
• Team oriented; Keep communication lines open • Control and directing traffic
• Able to work long hours without impacting performance • Use of ...
View9/15/201476A47222Not Supplied
View9/24/2014FA6E8C34Splice and terminate fiber optic cable, Class A CDL, forklift trained, bucket truck trained, clime towers and run the tugger. Use a OTDR and power meter to test fiber optic cable. Use a sunrise test set. Use a laptop and different software to configure, test and troubleshoot all types of telecom equipment.
View9/28/20141A001E9BExpand my overall knowledge within the Electrical Industry from Construction Electrician, to a Maintenance Electrician and expand my experience in the Manufacturing setting as well as acquiring and expanding my experience in every aspect of the Electrical Trade & Industry, acquire experience in manufacturing setting and expand my materials knowledge base. To widen my expertise and hone my present...
View10/1/2014C01A2AECHighly motivated working individual with top notch organizational skills and excellent communication abilities. I am very team oriented. I can adapt to work in a fast paced environment. I possess excellent listening skills and work ethic. I can do my job safely and effectively with proper training. I am well trained in the use of hand and power tools and the proper use of PPE. Proficient use of co...
View9/28/20146F25A8A8I am highly motivated professional transitioning into the Industrial/Telecommunication industry.
Strong leadership abilities accompanied by the ability to consistently produce quality results
while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. I am able to work independently or
in a team setting as well as withor without supervision.
• Voice and Data Cabling
• Troubleshoo...
View8/20/2014811B1FF5Comprehensive understanding of symmetrical component, logic gate and control theory
Proficient in SEL & GE microprocessor relays and legacy electromechanical relays
Thorough experience in transmission line, transformer, bus and generator protection
Knowledge of protection and substation equipment, instrumentation and test procedures
Familiar with electrical three-line, AC/DC, indoor/outdoor ar...
View9/29/2014FF3ED44DEngaged in the construction, maintenance and operation of gas transmission and distribution facilities and other underground systems.
Performed such duties as truck driving, operating compressors, concrete saws, routine leak surveys, pipe locating, taking pipe to soil potentials.
Installed leak repair clamps, domestic meter sets, miscellaneous pipe fitting, lighting pilots, operating equipment ...
Apprentice position


● Positive attitude
● Team player
● Able to maintain records needed for work
● Excellent customer service, can communicate well with the public
● Flexible and adaptable
● Experienced in working long hours in extreme weather conditions
View10/1/201428FB0754Highly motivated working individual with top notch organizational skills and excellent communication abilities. I am very team oriented. I can adapt to work in a fast paced environment. I possess excellent listening skills and work ethic. I can do my job safely and effectively with proper training. I am well trained in the use of hand and power tools and the proper use of PPE. Proficient use of co...
View10/4/201471CD9D67To utilize what I’ve learned and my skills to advance my career in the utility construction field. I’m looking to broaden my knowledge and advance my career to one day fulfill my hopes for working for PG&E.
View6/13/2014319EC417 - Up to date on all required training by Canus and PG&E
- Trained in First Aid and CPR
- Qualified to take clearances
- Qualified to enter NERC stations
- Qualified to Observe Grounding Procedure
View9/29/2014462D2960• Currently hold an unescorted access at a nuclear power plant.
• Familiar with DCPP processes and the procedure policies.
• Custom wiring with computer controlled electronics.
• Computer skills include familiarity with Windows operating systems.
• Owner / Operator metal fabrication shop.
• Proficient in all forms of welding and most metals.
• Stationed with the USCG at station South Padre...
View9/2/201446D3901E30 Years with PG&E, 17 years as a Journeyman Electrician and 13 years as a Substation Maintenance Supervisor
6.5 Years with Portland General Electric Co. as a Journeyman Electrician and Sub Foreman
12 years as a Senior Inspector in Substation Department, 7 years thru Corestaff and 5 years with Canus Corp.
View9/28/2014D2BEC983Summary of Qualifications:
Skilled laborer 20+years in Commercial and Residential maintenance service.
View10/4/201472B675F5Seeking a challenging career opportunity which would help me utilize my mechanical and academic background. Also to obtain a position in which I could gain experience, and employ my knowledge and skills, and enable me to make positive contributions to a growing company and industry.
Skills: Able to work independently or in groups. Fast Learner. Goal orientated. Dependable.
Avid in all f...

Accomplished and result-oriented Journeyman Lineman with over 25 years of broad-based experience in management, and all phases of transmission and distribution line installation, hot work, repair and maintenance.


Transmission/Distribution Lineman – Certified Union Journeyman Lineman with experience on many of the Pacific Coast and Northwest systems includin...
Seeking a full-time position that will enhance, expand and perfect my existing skill sets
View9/5/2014FC9A7DF2Installing, Programming SCADA equiptment. Radio diagnostics. RF site surveying. MAS comroom Installs.
View7/30/201400ADE3C4OBJECTIVE: To find work since retiring from PG&E.

- 7 years System Operator both Transmission and Distribution.
- 4 years Station Construction Department.
- 24 years with Substation Maintenance Department.


Work on all facets of Substation Equipment including:
- Maintenance of Circuit Breakers 4KV thru 230KV.
- Maintenance and t...
View2/18/20148D7AA98DWithin my 40 year career with P G & E I held several positions, beginning at the entry level position, holding several craft positions (groundman, apprentice lineman, towerman, carpenter C, working foreman D, working foreman C, Sub foreman B, Sub foreman A, always progressing until I entered into management in 1999. I was a First line supervisor from 1999 to the end of my career in 2013. Reason fo...
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