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View2/25/2015E0EBDCE6Certified in energized rubber glove work. Experience with capacitors, substations, hot stick and fiber optic termination; Street and traffic light wiring. Overhead and underground cable splicing and termination. Railroad wire termination. Ability to operate various heavy equipment (backhoe, nodwell, small cranes, bombardier, huses digger, etc.)
Gain experience in the construction environment.
Network with working engineers and construction managers.
Subsidize college expenses
View9/20/2015BFD33589My organization skills are very strong, which allows me to survey a assignment and find the most practical and safe way to complete the assignment. In addition following company safety rules, procedures and working as a team player are always my top priority. I take pride in attention to detail and working well with other people and departments.
View5/11/2015BE34B766Electrical Technician
Protective Relays & Controls - Substation Transformers - Circuit Breakers
Able to actively manage time with excellent results as a Journeyman Relay Electrical Technician with 40+ 
years of relevant, hands ­on experience. Task­ oriented team player with proven leadership skills as a 
Technical Crew Leader. Excellent customer and reliability results. Proficient at understanding...
View1/13/20157953CF2FOver six years of in-depth management experience with exceptional attention to detail. Diversified skill sets covering customer relations, retention, organization, writing, personal communication, ability to follow directions and teamwork. Regards safety as a top priority. Experience with the development and implementation of new policies and procedures. Critical and analytical thinking skills...

To find work after retiring form PG&E


- 35 years of experience in substation maintenance department for PG&E
- 20 years of experience as a Journeyman Electrician
- 15 years of experience as a Substation Supervisor
- 5 years of experience Supervising Electrical Technicians
- 10 years of experience as vacation relief for Substation Superintendent

View3/18/2015E844CD2735 years in the Electric Utility trade. Have worked in all areas of construction including: groundman, apprentice lineman, lineman, foreman, troubleman and several aspects of management.
5 years of experience in PG&E General Construction.
- Experienced in Tower construction
- Electric Transmission and distribution
- 11 years as a lineman and relief foreman
- 20 years as a Troubleman
- Extens...
View2/24/2015573B0C48 EXPERIENCE;
 34 Years of experience in Substation Maintenance Dept for PG and E
 15 Years Safety Chairman for the Hayward Substation Dept
 Four rotational teaching assignments with Apprentice Electricians School
 Taught Basic Electricity, Electronics, Oil Handling, Print Reading, Power Transformers
Circuit Breakers, Load Tap changers
• Consultant for High Voltage Supply Co. as a Load...
View8/24/2015E1F9134FFor the past twenty years, I have been successfi.rl in gaioingwork expedence as an industrial
electrician, as well as an electdcal forernan, providingme with the following experiences:
. A solid background in running rigrd EMT, and aluminum conduit of all sizes.
. Readingand understanding of American and Canadian blue prints.
. Experieirce with Geuonics, distribudon po\il/er systems, rnotor contro...
View3/15/20150B7CE9FDProfessional Experience:
Extensive knowledge and experience with indoor and outdoor substation construction as a member of a crew, a lead and inspector on 12kv, 60kv, 115kv, 230kv, 500kv.  Experience working with electrical technicians performing wire checks, trip checks, automatics and function testing of all devices. Trained in the operation of equipment used in substation construction includin...
View12/27/20155F3FB29CI am highly dependable and a committed team player consistently meeting deadlines. I am a fully developed designer capable of working with minimal direction and able to work independently with engineers in developing layouts. I have over 7 years of experience working on Power System Remedial Action Scheme projects and support. I also have over 10 years of developing Human Machine Interface (HMI ...
View8/2/2015F8C1743B Work Experience:

- Performed all duties required of an apprentice Electrician and Journeyman Electrician in substations and power plants
- Performed all duties required of a Journeyman Control Technician in power plants
- As an inspector, I have worked closely with contractors to assure material availability and compliance to construction schedule
- Stating in 2002, I have periodically ...
View9/28/201563A7BEECA hard working electrician with training and experience in multiple phases of the electrical industry interested in gaining more knowledge of the trade.

Completed 3 year Substation Technician course studies through IBEW Local Union 1245
Learn and excel in new work practices
Provide safe work environment for myself and others
Ability to lead by example
Welcome challenges with patience a...
View1/30/2015324828F4Electrical work and equipment operating.
View10/23/2015A679A8C9I am a Journeyman Electrician with 36 years of experience (includes 4 yr. IBEW apprenticeship). I have excellent people skills, logical and open thought process , and work well with other trades to reach a common goal. I have worked in all fields of the electrical industry, including : High Voltage splicing, Substation construction, and all aspects of Control work -including Nuclear plant contro...
View4/27/201554DE6AI am seeking the Load Serving Operator Trainee or Entry position with your company that will best utilize the high voltage substation skills and experience I have acquired working at Pacific Gas and Electric. I’ve worked on a variety of projects over the last fifteen years for PG&E in California from simple substation maintenance in the foothills of the Sierras to wiring a new cooling tower for a ...
View4/27/2015A6C04771I am seeking the Load Serving Operator Trainee or Entry position with your company that will best utilize the high voltage substation skills and experience I have acquired working at Pacific Gas and Electric. I’ve worked on a variety of projects over the last fifteen years for PG&E in California from simple substation maintenance in the foothills of the Sierras to wiring a new cooling tower for a ...
View5/11/2015737CCDF0I spent five years in the US Coast Guard as an oiler and electrician. After the Coast Guard I spent over a year in a auto body shop installing spray in bed liners. I then worked five years in the construction industry as a laborer working towards becoming a carpenter. I have one year experience working as a an industrial electrician.
View4/19/20151409E5F2I have 20 years experience as a General Contractor and 25 years experience in the construction field.

I have experience to maintain safety at all construction sites and knowledge of OSHA construction standards. I have supervised and participated in weekly tailboard safety meetings. I have safely worked in various types of construction which include foundation to finish in residential and co...
View2/1/2015977B2647As A Substation Mechanic All overhead and underground work, As a Hydro Mechanic all said work in Hydro Plants, As a Electrician out Side and in Control Work from the 500 to 70 kW thru out PG&E System.
Also 12 yrs as a Systems Meter Technician With large knowledge on Smart metering with all said accounts, I hold 3 journyman rates station mechanic, electrician, and meter technician all under the ut...
View6/30/20158992D6A2Electrical technician successful at developing unique troubleshooting techniques and providing quality sound installations services to customers. I familiar with low voltages 120,240,480 and high voltages. Equipment i used to trouble shoot included multimeter's, Wiggy meters, and Meggers. I troubleshooted was motors transformers lighting circuits. Set up various mobile equipment on ships such as s...
View12/2/20158D3F412740 years experience in heavy construction, commercial and residential as well as high-rise and linear civil engineering projects, the last 15 years as an Inspector specializing in Concrete, Post-tension and Masonry. ICBO/ICC #5284417
View8/20/20154EA380C8I have worked in the electrical field for 15 plus years. I have worked in residential and in commercial. I have also worked with gas tubes, semi conductors, relays, protection components and more. I was also called to disassemble, troubleshoot and repair many Samsung products such as tablet, MP3, Laptops, and home appliances “washer, dryer, refrigerator, range etc.” Change out parts power supplies...
A very hands on, skilled, hardworking, career driven individual looking for a position within PG&E to prove excellence by demonstrating intelligence, enthusiasm, punctuality and reliability to ultimately move up in the company and become part of the Management team.

Power tools (tile saw, skill saw, jack hammer, impact gun, nail gun, ect.)
Hand tools (hammer, wrench, trowe...
View9/4/2015C857E45F Southern California Edison (SCE)
o Hazardous communications training
o Connected Program training
o Basic fire training
o Diversity training
o Helicopter training
 Shaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department
o CPR certified
o EMT training
 American Automobile Association (AAA) certifications
o Tow Operator Safety
o Roadside Problem Solving Technician - Level One
o Member Care
 Multiple Reedley Col...
Seeking employment with PG&E at Diablo Canyon using my experience and skills with telecom equipment that I have gained in my 30 years with PG&E as a Telecomm Technician, with the last 25 years being at Diablo Canyon.
View5/13/2015FB7664BE I have worked for PG&E for over 30 years as a Electrician & later as a Sub Foreman. As an electrician I have experience reading PG&E prints, running conduit, setting up & organizing wire pulls. As a lead man on most of these jobs, I was also involved in setting switches, breakers & transformer. PG&E hired contractor o set heavy equipment.
I retired from PG&E in 2006 with the intention of ...
View2/21/2015F7427EFAI have been in the electrical trade for 24 years. I have experience in the installation and maintaining of electrical systems. I have experience in residential, commercial, industrial, nuclear, coal burning and natural gas power plants, refineries, and chemical plants. I have worked on military bases and government laboratories. I have experience in controls, terminations, high voltage splicing, a...
View8/3/2015E911713EAdditional Skills
View12/9/2015D0776A76PG&E and Canus/Cal Inc.
View1/31/201503C8A794Over 45 years of experience in the utility industry with a broad background in the electrical and mechanical construction & maintenance of nuclear, fossil, hydroelectric generation and electric transmission systems.

Specializing in high voltage transmission and distribution systems 4160KV through 500KV. Such experience has included work as a Senior Technical Crew Leader, Electrical Technician, C...
View9/17/2015111263F4Seeking a job that utilizes my unique set of skills and abilities. While I would prefer a job that utilizes skills and abilities I already have, I am a very hard worker and a quick learner and I like to learn new things.
View2/16/2015AE6E53BEJob Responsibility Includes Installation and Testing All New and Old PG&E Substation Equipments, Strong Knowledge on Troubleshooting Faulty Electrical Equipments , Including SEL and GE settings that have Issues, RTU and HMI Automation Testing, Coordinates Equipment Clearances , Knowledge on How to Build Computer or How it operates, Proficients in Using Word, Excel and Applications Installations....
View11/7/2015851E7D5Felectrical industry experience of 35 years, 30 years of commercial/industrial experience, last 5 years in substations for PG&E. Have supervised and overseen multiple aspects of PG&E projects from underground and ground grid, to steel bus structures, HVCB of all voltages up to 500 KV, SCADA control cabinets, control wiring and terminations. Office paperwork including material inventory, payroll, an...
View9/18/201512AA9590Project Supervisor with 5 years of experience as a direct contractor to PG&E civil . Crew Foreman in the topics of Safety, Management, Public Works Regulations, and General Construction. Acknowledged by clients and contractors as an exceptional communicator between all levels of personnel while being an on-site contractor and while managing or supervising in local division, working well alongside ...
View10/6/2015283C6D21 EXPERIENCE
• 34 Years of experience in Substation Maintenance Dept for PG and E
• 15 Years Safety Chairman for the Hayward Substation Dept
• Four rotational teaching assignments with Apprentice Electricians School
• Taught Basic Electricity, Electronics, Oil Handling, Print Reading, Power Transformers Circuit Breakers, Load Tap changers
• Consultant for High Voltage Supply Co. as a Load Tap Cha...
View1/31/2015B4BFE57BJourneyman Wireman
View3/1/2015B75348D3I am a Journeymen Electrician. I have over 19 years Exp. In Residential, Commercial, Industrial electrical, Sub Stations and Power Plants. I work great with a team as well as on my own. I am reliable as well as punctual.

• Trouble Shooting Electrical and Mechanical Problems • Hydraulics and Pneumatic Machines
• Alarm Systems and Sound Systems ...
View2/19/20150B417E26Worked in sub stations for canus (PGE) In Bay Area
worked on Jefferson to Martin 230kv underground through San Bruno
View1/9/2015E9FBE894Construction Elect Tech for PG&E from 1985 to 2002. Test Supervisor for PG&E from 2002 to 2014. Retired May 1st 2014
View4/14/201511E9E9B1Hard worker. Very detail oriented. Able to read plans ( electrical and Building), bend conduit, knows how to use tools (power and hand), can drive forklifts, gradealls, reach forks, scissor lifts, very safety driven.
View8/21/2015C90D3071NO NEW ADDITION
View10/4/20155BB45DA0Oversee and build power line construction for both primary and secondary line. Trouble shooting for instrumentation and electrical equipment. Experience with various motors, switchgear, substations and transformers.
View12/22/2015FE2A9AC2Not Specified
View6/7/20156D02899EI Retired with 43yrs of service with P.G.&E in General construction. I started as a ground man, made apprentice lineman served full apprenticeship and progressed to lineman. As a lineman I preformed all phases of OH Line work, all transmission and distribution voltages from 2.4.kv up to 500kv. progressed to sub foreman A, and continued in all phases of T&D work Progressed to exempt heavy foreman...
View4/10/2015CE0763ADNot Specified
View9/9/201509E98458Provided general telecommunications, data communications, substation and gas teleprotection maintenance duties for San Jose/Central Coast areas of California. Provided small-scale project construction work in telecommunications. Well versed in administrative tools such as timekeeping, work order processing, and clearance requests. Familiar with PG&E safety requirements. Currently retired in go...
View4/22/2015150F53F6Highly experienced, recently retired Electric Crew Foreman with 36 years of service with PG&E from my start as an Apprentice Lineman, to Journeyman Lineman, Troubleman, and Electric Crew Foreman. I have previously completed the Compliance Inspector Training with PG&E. I have also served with the PG&E Transmission Department as a Lineman and as a G.O. 95 Inspector while employed with PG&E General C...
View4/30/20157413F908 Extensive experience in the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairing of a variety of complete electrical systems including installation of high voltage switchgear, breakers and power transformers.

Special skills in theoretical, precise and artistic installation of electrical materials.

Expertise in interpreting technical publications, blueprints, and schematic wiring and ...
View5/12/2015F68986B5Experience as a Protection and Control Field Services Engineer with Georgia Power. My role included but was not limited to the following tasks,
 Tested, calibrated, and developed settings for a variety of microprocessor and electro-mechanical relays
 Designed and reviewed drawings for substations using AutoCAD including elementary, wiring, logic, and one line diagrams
 Performed preventat...
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