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View6/18/20178A622508General Foreman, Foreman, Journeyman Lineman for IBEW Contractors nationwide
View1/9/2017EE3565C21) G.C. HAVE WORKED (CONSTRUCTION) ON THE FOLLOWING VOLTAGES - 500KV, 230KV, 115KV, 70KV,21KV, 12KV, 4KV, 480V-277V, 120V-240V
View8/26/2017E043EBE2PG&E 6/2/1972 to 6/01/2009-Journeyman Electric Lineman (06/12/1972-07/20/1980), Electric Estimator (07/20/1980- 10/10/1982) preparing electric estimates, (Associate Distribution Engineer-Electric) assigning and reviewing work for Estimators (10/10/1982-thru 06/01/2009), PG&E thru ESC hiring hall 12/27/2011 thru 04/05/2013 and 05/13/2013 thru 06/13/2014 (Sr. Electric Estimator)-preparing electric ...
View9/15/201705599C8FI.B.E.W. Local 42 Journeyman Lineman for 33 years, Transmission Inspector
View5/18/20170FA86ED540 years of experience working for PG&E. Started in San Jose Gas Department for 3 years, then moved to Cupertino yard as a Lineman. Option 1 & 2 Inspections for the last 17 years. Up to date on all PG&E required training (such as safety, rubber gloving, first aid, etc.) and full knowledge of Green Book & Underground Standards specifications. Changed number of years
View9/15/20170674A226I.B.E.W. Local 42 Journeyman Lineman of 31 years, Transmission Inspector
View3/16/20178E06B2BFPG&E: Line Dept from 6/21/1962 until 1964. Substation Maintenance - Helper 1964 Until 1965 - Apprentice Substation Electrical for 26 weeks - Apprentice Electrical Technician until 1969 - Journeyman Electrical Technician until 1984 - Substation Maintenance Supervisor until 12/31/1994. NCPA: Hydro Maintenance Supervisor 1/3/1995 until 6/2001. CANUS: Start Up Test Specialist 3/11/2002 to 1/18/2015. S...
View9/4/2017BB64E73933 years Retired PG&E (Electric) Associate Distribution Engineer, Construction, Mapping, Special Prject, Research & Design, Estimating, Engineering, Design for both Overhead & Underground Facility, My job was to scheduled, assigned, train, check and approve the work of estimators in my group. I'm familiar with Mircosoft Programs, SAP. Auto Cadd, Estimating Tools, SRM, GIS, Clearance Submittal, Ord...
View3/29/2017995B0B44For 12 years I have worked as a carpenter, operator, substation lineman, and substation electrician exclusively for Southern California Edison. For the past 7 years of the 12 I have been the lead wiring foreman for Professional Electrical Construction Services. I've worked with many Test A's side by side to trouble shot and get many construction projects completed. As a seasoned Sub Tech my next s...
View1/14/2017C821FF0FHard working, dependable, and ability to adapt to different situations.
View2/4/2017521938DEI am organized, task oriented, and hard working. Good attitude, computer literate. Mechanically inclined, and have strong customer skills. I am also bilingual in Spanish.
View8/18/201732301D0CI have worked with all phases of line work including, but not limited to: grunt, apprentice, lineman, equipment operator, Foreman, and Troubleman. I am a gloving Lineman, Hot stick qualified with several years of experience. I have worked for Canus Corp for about 4 years
View9/27/20175B8A6C9C33 years substation maintenance and construction. Transmission and distribution equipment; Transformers, Regulators, Circuit Breakers, Station Batteries and Protection Relays. Paralleled with 10 years hazardous waist disposal. Three years safety lead and sub-foreman relief. 4 years with CANUS Corp. as Electrical Inspector for Substations, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
View5/22/2017E7BDF5BAOver head and underground construction/maintenance 1974 to 2014. Three years groundman,three years apprentice, eleven years lineman, twenty four years electric crew foreman. 2015 three months lineman outside con/maint. 2015-2017 two years applicant installed inspector.
View3/27/20177F5149BC41 years with PG&E. Have held positions Groundman, T&D Driver, Apprentice Lineman, Journeyman Lineman, Electric Crew Foreman, Utility Rep.(T-Man) & Electric Construction Supervisor. Have worked as a Compliance Inspector for most of 2015 in the Salinas Area for Canus.
View2/24/20170A54B9FCJourneyman lineman, Journeyman since 1982, 31 years in construction and maintenance of overhead and underground of distribution line work with APS in Phoenix az.
A Union member of the IBEW since 1976. Lineman on crew for about 18 yrs. Crew foreman for about 7yrs. Troubleman for 3 years and a Inspecter for 2.5 yrs. Work a limited amount of 69kva mostly on storm work.
View10/8/201719422FE8Seasoned Journeyman Lineman with a background in overhead and underground line construction with an emphasis on troubleshooting and safety in the electric utility industry.
- Over thirty years of professional experience
- Adept at providing excellent customer service
- Proficient in the construction and maintenance of underground and overhead distribution powerlines
- Hardworking, de...
View5/11/2017C9E1137AI Have been a Senior Electric Estimator or an Associate Distribution Engineer for over 35 years with PG&E. There is probably very little I haven't done in that capacity.
View8/4/2017FCEFCFE2Objective: To continue my career in the Electrical Field

NERC Compliance Training 11/2010,
Licensed Electrical Contractor 4/2010
Contractors State License School 3/2010,
Building Performance Analyst,
Long Beach City College/BPI 11/2010,
Ca. State Certified Electrician 6/2010
NECA/IBEW Local 176 Joliet, IL 1978/1982- Apprentice/Journeyman Electrician
View6/25/2017A2D4F587Barehand Certified, Helicopter Barehand Certified, Helicopter Long line Work Procedures and Skid work trained, Rubber Glove Trained, Trained in Transmission and Distribution Hot Stick work, CPR First Aid Trained, Experience in Trouble Shooting, Helicopter Patroling, I held the rate of Lineman, Overhead / Underground Troubleman, Elact Crew Foreman and Temp Supervisor.
View6/8/2017A3FC8A87Skilled and highly qualified Journeyman with 20+ years of experience in the Utility Industry including Meter Reading, C&M(Construction & Maintenance), T&D(Transmission & Distribution), O&U(Overhead & Underground) and Safety(Committee member).
• Proven self starter working independently while being an assertive team player contributing to the success of team/crew/committee.
• Strong ethics, leaders...
View9/13/2017EFB763DAI worked at PG&E for 35 years. I started out as an apprentice lineman with PG&E in 1969. I made Journeyman lineman in 1972. I was a Subforeman "A" for General Construction until 1979. I transfered to Division as a lineman in Edenvale Service Center.In 1981 I transfered to Santa Cruz. I worked as a Lineman and Foreman. I was a Temporary Supervisor off an on for 5 years. I was an Liveline Instructor...
View8/10/2017C6B1F773P.G. & E Management, 1990 to July 31, 2013 – Experience in Substation Construction,
Managing Large and small projects, Manpower Planning, Cost Tracking, Training
Apprentice, journeymen electricians, working foreman, Subforemans, and mentoring
other Construction Supervisors. Work with engineering, operations, technicians, line
department, underground line and various other departments. Help...
View5/1/20177295DD48 Journeyman Lineman, Foreman, ,Temp. Supervisor , Inspector for Contractor pole replacement work @ PG&E 1996-2012 (retired July 2012)

31 years of construction and maintenance of Transmission/Distribution Lines, and Substations
Barehand Certified from 69KV to 500KV in Aerial Lift and Ladder work methods at PG&E in 2002
Helicopter Barehand Certified in 2006 by PG&E
Helicopter Long line & Skid Tran...
View9/5/20179C5669B9Worked in power generation for 10 years, extensive safety training by Canus and PGE regarding safety and work procedures in an industrial Leo Hurley
4813 Scotty Kingman, AZ 86409 ● 928-864-7872 ●

Career Summary

I have 25 years’ experience supervising employees, electrical experience including Meter reading, removal
and installation, customer service. I ran my own business f...
View5/3/201780018B05Journey Lineman since 1975 from SELCAT, worked in the trade as a Lineman, Foreman, General Foreman, Superintendent, General Manager, for different companies including a Utility Company (FPL) over the years. Managing and pushing crews on about any type of line imaginable. I have watched as well as participated as this Trade and the Safety Programs have evolved through the years. I have worked in Ca...
View7/10/20174FBF5AABDuring my employment with PG&E, we were required to know and intimately understand PG&E's overhead and underground books of standards and the California G.O. 95 and G.O. 128 manuals. When my employment changed to City of Ukiah. I helped the utility implement and utilize a standards program that closely mirrored PG&E's overhead and underground requirements. Both G.O. manuals were utilized in their ...
View8/11/2017F942BA6EOverhead and Underground Line Construction. PG&E Start July 1971
View3/20/20176FB6B9CD3 years as a groundman.
25 years as a journeyman lineman
12 years as a crew supervisor in charge of line crews/service crews/ and overseeing contract crews.
Famillar with Joint Pole transactions. GO 95 committee member. GO165 compliant.
PGE Transmission NERC projects.
Compliance Inspections(PGE)
Crew Inspector overseeing contract crews Civil and Line crews (PGE)
View9/3/2017B16E0CC0journeyman line man, currently working compliance mark and loc
View8/19/2017033D6CE52 years and 8 months of electric supervision of crews without a safety incident.
Completion of PG&E supervisor leadership program (SLP)
Successful completion of PG&E electric training assessment program at Livermore, California training center
Met all deadlines for compliance requirements including compliance and safety training
Inspection of electric utilities.
Clearances & Groundin...
View5/4/2017F7E3287DI have 45 years of experience in the Maintenance, Operation and Construction in the energy field. Also have very good working knowledge of Hydro Generation, Steam Generation and Sub-Station facilities. I consider myself to be a highly motivated individual with excellent job skills and posses the ability to manage for results.

Continuing Education:

Client Focus
Contract Administration
Project M...
View4/18/20177DEB1646Labor and Environmental Health and Safety Professional Labor and Safety Professional with 27 year record of success overseeing all phases of construction and environmental issues identifying and developing corrective action plans to ensure compliance with applicable safety, health and environmental regulations.

South Seattle Community College
Degree / Associates of Art Plain Surveyo...
View5/20/2017A1D2BB43lineman 11yrs. supervisor 15yrs. compliance inspecter 6yrs.
View3/14/20179D840868Skilled in all aspects of substation testing, including relay protection. I also have experience in PLCs, instrumentation and controls. Journeyman electrician IBEW Local 252, Ann Arbor, MI.
I have been in a Lead/self directed role for 99% of my 30 year career.
View5/15/20172EAD7CEDAUTOCAD, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel, FFE, Knowledge of Construction Standards, Knowledge of Overhead Electric Facilities, SAP, DART,
View7/30/20173B8A650B12 Years GC line with PG&E. 4 years as a Trouble-man with Ga. Power. Apprenticeship through SELCAT. 4 Years as an Inspector overseeing pole replacement and re-conductors. Currently 2 years as an Option 2 Underground Electric inspector in the Richmond area.
View8/29/20175FF517EACertified California general electrician. Familiar with the new code book. Have done PG&E rule 16 and rule 20. Have used the green book for rule 16 and 20.
View8/27/20179ED6CA12• 40 years experience in the Outside Electrical Construction Industry
• 2 ½ years as a Construction /Quality Control Inspector
• 8 years Transmission Construction Experience
• 8 years Overhead Distribution System
• 1 year Sub Station Construction
• 1 year Underground Residential Distribution System
• 2 years Instructor for Apprenticeship Program
• 10 years Membership Development and Safety Coordin...
View8/4/2017043572ADMotivated, reliable, confident and committed to professional standards. Effective working independently or as a contributing member of a team. Well versed in Microsoft Office applications as well as client-server based applications. A 36 year career in outside plant telecom covering G.O. 95, G.O.128 & G.O.165 specifications. 25 years of direct outside plant experience and 11 years of design en...
View4/2/2017EF9C0FB4My ideal job is to use my status as a Journeyman Electrician along with my extreme knowledge and experience for a Sub Station Technician or equal position.
View8/8/2017BCC0E2F2Skills Summary
 PG&EPowerPathway graduate
 GAS-0802 Utility Worker Certified
 CPR/ AED/ First Aid Certified
 Traffic Control/ Flagger Certified
 Smith System Driving Certified
 Pneumatic tools: Spader,wacker,
tamper,jackhammer, air compressor
 Electrical Experience
 Microsoft Word, Excel,Outlook, Power
Point and Access
 Locate and Mark Training
View1/20/20170A1AC9DDinstall & repair high voltage lines & equipment, journeyman lineman,cable splicer,IBEW1245 member 35 years
Certified 3M splicing & terminations: 3M QTIII Cold Shrink Terminations, 3M QSIII Cold Shrink Splices
Certified in application,installation,& inspection of TE products: MV Cable Preparations:
View1/5/20172BC67E33Fredy Argucia

4573 Bonraven Way

Antioch, CA 94531

(415) 368-1991



A goal-oriented, proven team player with demonstrated proficiency seeking a challenging position to apply business skills, a diverse educational background, and professional knowledge in the construction industry.


• OSHA 10.
• Intimate knowledge of the Sa...
View3/27/2017FC37DAF1I have been for lineman for various power companies for 27 years. I have 10 years of foreman experience as well as apprentice training. Throughout my time in line work, I have gained experience working transmission lines up to 500 KVA, setting towers and footers and running stringing equipment. I have framed and set windmills and their footers. I also have experience writing hotline and switchi...
View9/22/20178B200B8CO.H. Distribution
U.G. Distribution
O.H. Transmission
View4/28/20176BBD9B79Overhead and Underground construction. Installed underground in subdivision also installed residential services. In charge of 3 to 4 man crews doing overhead and underground work.
I did some work as a Construction Supervisor. Was teaching Rubber Glover training in Livermore, CA for one year. I have over thirty years of linework experience.
I have worked for CANUS Corp at several different positio...
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