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View3/24/20195E2C390DPower Plant & Substation Electrician, Power Plant A Control Technician, Substation Specialist. Worked for PG&E from January 1978 till retirement on August 1st 2017
View2/15/2019C6B1F773P.G. & E Management, 1990 to July 31, 2013 – Experience in Substation Construction,
Managing Large and small projects, Manpower Planning, Cost Tracking, Training
Apprentice, journeymen electricians, working foreman, Subforemans, and mentoring
other Construction Supervisors. Work with engineering, operations, technicians, line
department, underground line and various other departments. Helped i...
View2/17/2019F7E3287DI have 46 years of experience in the Maintenance, Operation and Construction in the energy field. Also have very good working knowledge of Hydro Generation, Steam Generation and Sub-Station facilities. I consider myself to be a highly motivated individual with excellent job skills and posses the ability to manage for results.

Continuing Education:

Client Focus
Contract Administration
Project M...
View1/10/20193B26402B7 years experience in substation construction. From SCADA to 5 inch aluminum bus. Experienced in breakers, transformers, Buss, ground grids and switch structures.
View1/30/20199DE8D7C6LINEMAN 1972 1980
Line Sub Foreman 1980 1985
Troubleman 1986 1991
Meterman 1991 1994
Electric Meter Tech 1994 1998
Electric Meter Tech Crew Lead 1998 2001
View1/23/20190E1BB4B7I have been in the trade for 13 years, and each day I try to learn something new. I have worked all over California, but the majority of my time has been spent working as a journeyman lineman for Pacific Gas & Electric. I was previously living in working in the Sierra area in Colfax/Auburn, however I have worked not only in the Sierra Area, but the Central Valley, and the Bay Area. During my time ...
View1/20/2019F535D6F7I have been employed in the electrical construction industry for the past 28 years and will bring a wide range of skills, resources and experience to your company. While working as a Journeyman Lineman, I developed skills in both overhead and underground distribution, transmission, splicing and terminating. I have been Foreman in overhead distribution, new construction and maintenance. As a Gen...
View1/21/2019F7B75197I graduated from high school in 1981, went to Bismarck state college for electrical line school in 1986, graduated in 1987. After school I got a job with a distribution power company, Minnesota valley electric in south west Minnesota. I completed my apprenticeship and became a journeyman lineman in 1991 and continued to work there for 17 yrs. After that I went on the road to work on the transmiss...
. Achieved Substation Technician by NW Line JATC
· Achieved “Journeyman Wireman” by Central Valley JATC
· Certified California General Electrician, license #129552
· Completed “Codology” of National Electrical Code (NEC)
· Trained in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
· Certificated in Electrical Safety through MJC
· Able to design and build i...
View3/14/20192AB85404Basic electrical comprehension and physically capable to work strenuously. I am organized, responsible, and reliable. As well I am adaptive and can work regardless my environment or situation. I work to the best of my abilities as safely as possible and I am very independent but, communicate as much as possible. I know how to follow instructions and I am an attentive listener to make sure all aspe...
View2/13/20192E7B350EOperate the electrical grid - 60, 115, 230 and 500kV. Write, execute and performed switching for clearances in transmission and distribution - all voltages.
View2/23/20193E215510Have worked in all capacities of power line construction
View2/24/20198E06B2BFPG&E: Line Dept from 6/21/1962 until 1964. Substation Maintenance - Helper 1964 Until 1965 - Apprentice Substation Electrical for 26 weeks - Apprentice Electrical Technician until 1969 - Journeyman Electrical Technician until 1984 - Substation Maintenance Supervisor until 12/31/1994. NCPA: Hydro Maintenance Supervisor 1/3/1995 until 6/2001. CANUS: Start Up Test Specialist 3/11/2002 to 1/18/2015. S...
View1/20/2019FD7AF664Hot Work
Installing and repairing overhead power lines
Trouble Shooting on outages
Installing Wire, Transformers
Framing Poles
Erecting Poles
Service Truck
View3/1/2019F09BB0• Completed Electrical Apprenticeship for PGE
• Completed Electrical Technician Apprenticeship
• Passed the PGE Switching Courses
Was a Previous American Standard Qualified Auditor
• 33 Years’ Experience in Substation Maintenance and Construction
View2/21/201936AF5ADD• Completed Electrical Apprenticeship for PGE
• Completed Electrical Technician Apprenticeship
• Passed the PGE Switching Courses
Was a Previous American Standard Qualified Auditor
• 33 Years’ Experience in Substation Maintenance and Construction
View2/9/20193B8A650B12 Years GC line with PG&E. 4 years as a Trouble-man with Ga. Power. Apprenticeship through SELCAT. 6 Years as an Inspector overseeing pole replacement and re-conductors. 2 years as an Option 2 Underground Electric inspector in the Richmond/Oakland area.
View1/13/201908B563Worked in electric utility field work since 1980. Owned a substation and metering contractor business with 30 employees from 2000 until 2014. Sr. Meter Technician, service man, Engineering of distribution and transmission lines, Marketing and Account Management, Project Development, Generation since 2014 including working several PGE sites through Aggreko, ability to manage crews, multiple jobs ...
View3/15/2019C914312A45 years as Journeyman Lineman. Both in Distribution and Transmission. Worked as a Lineman, Foreman, and General Foreman in both areas.
On the Transmission side I worked on Steel assembly and erection,Wire stringing, clipping, dead ending and sagging
View3/6/20196D3FADD7Substation Journeyman Electrician/Switching Electrician of 16 yrs with PG&E,Experience in Substation maintainence and construction,working with high voltages from 4kV-500kV.
Worked as a safety lead for 3 yrs in substation department for PG&E,worked as a crew-lead for four years and a supervisor for 5 years in substation maintainence and construction.
View1/11/201955CDF492Extensive local knowledge of Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Quincy, Canyon Dam, Burney and Red Bluff areas and electric facilities.

36 years of experience in the construction, maintanence, operation and inspection of Transmission and Distribution electric systems.

Groundman>Appr. Lineman> Lineman>Troubleman>Electric Crew Foreman>Compliance Inspector.
View2/4/2019E6E86B I worked for Beauregard electric co-op for 9 years where I completed the Louisiana lineman training program after 4 years then became a journeyman. then I signed up with IBEW local 995 out of baton rouge LA. took their test and now I am currently a class A journeyman lineman with them. from June 2014 through November 2014 and june 2015 through november 2015 I worked for PJ Helicopter's as the boo...
View3/17/20199F8AE8D5I have worked in the Electric Line maintenance, construction, & trouble shooting for 40 years. I started with PG&E in 1972 as a Groundman, Lineman, Crew Foreman, & Troubleman. I worked in the Safety Committee, Safety Recognition Committee, & area Safety Coordinator. I have been retired from PG&E for 5 years & am ready to go back to work for awhile.
View1/14/2019FA3D2B46Substation/Hydro Electrician (Marysville), Substation Crew Foremen, (Table Mountain), Substation Maintenance Supervisor (Chico), Substation Maintenance Specialist Sacramento Division.
Substation Crew Foremen Predictive Maintenance/ Doble testing.
View1/8/2019AB56F0B4I have the ability to build, maintain and troubleshoot multiple systems, both overhead and underground along with following proper work procedures and safe work practices. I also can identify problem situations and mitigate risk. In addition, I am skilled at identifying and troubleshooting the utility system to maintain a safe work environment.
View3/12/20199C48E90B40 years of experience in various positions in Utility Substation Construction, Generation, Nuclear, and Transmission Departments.

Positions Held
• 1 year, Helper, Hydro Construction Department
• 3 years, Carpenter, Substation Construction Department
• 9 years, Electrician, Substation Construction Department
• 10 years, Subforeman A, Substation Construction Department
•9 years, Maintenance...
View2/20/20193DBCD85A35 years practical, broad based electric utility, operations, construction and maintenance experience at Pacific Gas and Electric company. Work experience includes: Electrical Grid Clearance preparation and execution. Transmission and Distribution Electric Operations supervisor. Electric Grid Control Center Senior Dispatcher (NERC Certified). Electric Substation Maintenance Supervisor. Diablo ...
View2/4/2019F11DE91FInspections related to substation civil work.
View2/12/20192D5EF9BFI been in the electrical line work trade since 2004.. .. I became a journeyman lineman in 2014... I’ve worked in California mostly but I’ve also worked in Puerto Rico ,, Massachusetts ,South Carolina ,Jersey and New York .... I’m more familiar with underground but ready for what ever y’all need help on..I’ve done Q.E.W(qualified electrical worker) calling the doc for no text orders or one shots...
View3/16/201993CB36 I have over 25 years of experience in the Electrical Field of Transmission and Distribution. I have worked as an Journeyman Lineman, Foreman and General Foreman. I have a good balance of experience between Transmission and Distribution. I have quiet a bit of Helicopter experience on the transmission side on the Long Line and doing Helo sets.
View3/8/20196D9A434B-Knots & Rigging Training (PG&E Academy)
-Training in Ergonomics and Human performance tools
-Familiar with hand and pneumatic tools
-Installing an Insulator and pin onto a cross-arm while working out of a bucket truck. (PG&E Livermore Training Center)
-Confined Space Training
-Electric T&D system fundamentals
-pulling wire through conduit
View2/13/2019602F0155Presently working for Canus Corp as a Q E W
High level of understanding LOTO procedures, clearances, and systems with both locks and tags.

Vast experience with confined spaces and the safety trainings associated with those environments. Some of the environments include trenches, man holes, and vaults.

Experience in working in areas where traffic control is a necessity.

Knowledgeable and experienced in maintaining...
View1/12/20196A4BC866I am very interested in working for your organization and I would appreciate an interview for the position to discuss my qualifications and our mutual interest.

I would like to offer my 40 years of experience in the Electric Utility Industry for a position in your organization. I have several years of experience as a GC Front Line Supervisor, lineman, and crew foreman with General Construction, I...
View2/19/2019F8B648C3Worked for the City of Santa Rosa Capital Improvements Department managing and inspecting large scale underground water,sewer, and storm drain main projects. Took project through design and plan check, billing and progress payments, installation inspection, to final and as builds. Also did encroachment inspection for Public Works. Handling permitting, plan checking, installation inspection of smal...
View1/14/201981A2942DTest, install and commission microprocessor based and electromechanical based automation, power system control, relaying, synchronizing, alarming, data acquisition and telemetry, both wire line & radio. Write mirrored bit programs for SEL, run Local and End-to-End tests using GPS synchronized DOBLE 6000 and 2000 series test sets along with DOBLE Protection Suite Software. Test, install and commiss...
View3/1/2019B5E7D6[Journeyman Wireman]

-NJATC/IBEW 5 Year Apprenticeship
-NEC certification--multiple states
-Crew Foreman
-600V to 13.8kV switchgear
-High Voltage Terminations
-High Voltage Splicing
-Power Distribution
-Motor Controls
-PLC wiring and troubleshooting
-LOTO training
-OSHA 30 Hour
-Instrumentation & Controls
-Conduit Fabrication
-Cable Tray Fabrication

[Substation Specialist]

-230 KV...
View1/30/201955BE201BObjective: A Compliance Supervisor position that can utilize a self-motivated employee with extensive experience in both overhead and underground electrical construction, and G.O. 165 compliance.

Safety Council Chairman at PG&E for 1 year - facilitated pole top and bucket truck rescue training at PG&E for 2 years, Assistant Trainer in live line and rubber glove training at PG&E. ...
View2/16/201919B8D695I have 44 yrs. experience in the electrical utility trade. I retired in 2010 from local 1245 as an journeyman Cable splicer/Lineman. I served my apprenticeship at Los Dept. of Water & Power

I have 44 years in the electrical utility field starting as a laborer and retiring as a Line Foreman. I began work with the Los Angles Dept. of Water & Power Nov 12 1966 I retired from Henckles & McCoy in Oct ...
View1/15/2019C1468AB0Journeyman lineman
Electric crew Forman
View1/3/20199E306C90Cable splicing
Safety Training
View2/15/2019E7BDF5BAOver head and underground construction/maintenance 1974 to 2014. Three years groundman,three years apprentice, eleven years lineman, twenty four years electric crew foreman. 2015 three months lineman outside con/maint. 2015-2019 four years
View1/28/20196F883ECF - General Engineer
- Manager Experience
- Great Communication Skills
- OSHA Safety Standards & Regulations
- PG&E Station Construction Inspection
- Commercial Driver's License
- Read and understand Prints
- Bid work
- Operate: Excavators, Graders, Backhoe’s, Compactor Rollers, Loaders, bobcat skid steer, dump trucks
- Knowledge and experience of Asphalt Paving, Carpentry, Concrete Formin...
View3/12/2019DB18304DLineman, Compliance Supervisor, T-man Supervisor, Electric Construction Supervisor, Optio 2 Inspector, SAP Literate and a former trainer.
View1/14/2019219973I have been with IBEW for 20 years. Positions I have had include General Manager, General Foreman, Foreman, and site superintendent. I am also an operator of heavy equipment, including cranes. Lineman for over 20 years. Lead inspector.
View2/12/20199D5D3E- Comprehensive experience in commercial and industrial electrical installations, ranging from power station installations as well as substation installations, hydro, PG&E gas pumping stations, utility-scale, ground-mounted solar.
- Experience in substation construction ranging from 60Kv to 500Kv.
- Comprehensive experience in motor control, control panels, electrical systems, underground installa...
View1/20/201970C40F6A42 years experience with PG&E in Substation. Worked as Constr. Supervisor in Station Construction. Test Supervisor in Station Test Dept.
View3/13/201933F204A6Mechanical, Construction, Management
View3/9/2019ED449872Proficient in communications skills
Proficient in microsoft suite
Decision making
Time management

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