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 Electrical Systems
 Equipment and Fixtures
 Operation and Maintenance
 Environmental Controls
 Low Voltage Controls
 High Voltage Controls
 Single and Multi Conductor Wiring
 National Electric Code
 Blueprint Reading
 Motor Controls
 Ability to Mentor Others
 Ability to Communicate
 Team Leadership
 Technical Writing of Standards and Procedures (Electricia...
To obtain gainful employment in an environment that both utilizes and challenges my skills in the Electrical generation and distribution field.

Relevant Skills
• Positive attitude
• Strong customer skills
• Journeyman Lineman/Foreman/Troubleman
• Familiar with all aspects of electrical distribution and transmission systems
• Solid leadership skills
• Radio Intercept Operator in the Unit...
View8/4/2017C914312A45 years as Journeyman Lineman. Both in Distribution and Transmission. Worked as a Lineman, Foreman, and General Foreman in both areas.
On the Transmission side I worked on Steel assembly and erection,Wire stringing, clipping, dead ending and sagging
View6/6/2017C037953AOver 40 years experience as an Electrical Technician, performing installation, calibration, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, and/or repair of protective relaying and control systems associated with generating, transmission and distribution systems at substations, Hydro, Nuclear, Steam Generating, and Photo-voltaic Units, for Placer County Water District, from 1981 thru 1988, and PG&E from 19...
View9/13/201786A66CCASr New Business Rep
Service Planning Supervisor
View8/18/2017D0A49AA7Telecommunications all. Wiring, Scada, PBX, Voip, ESNA voicemail systems Microwave digital and Analog. Multiplexing. AC and DC power systems. Scada packs, Various radios including but not limited to Spread Spectrum, Fixed frequency. Fiber optics
View6/23/20178338E713Reading prints, getting clearances, laying ground grid, running conduit, hanging grounds, setting and leveling beams for 230KV and 115KV overhead switches, insulators and lines, setting overhead switches and insulators, putting up steal structure, hanging 230KV and 115KV lines using Deutsch presses for connections, bending and installing 2, 3, 4, and 5 inch bus, opening OCBs and dropping interrupt...
View6/8/20173C9F4EB3Sixteen years experience as a maintenance and construction electrician in the Power Generation, Distribution and Sub-Station Industry. Installing, Testing, Trouble Shooting, Repairing Transformers, Motors, Motor Control Centers, Generators, SF6 High Voltage Circuit Breakers, High Voltage Buss Switches, and Station Service. Inspector for the installation of Relay Control Panels, (SCADA) Supervisory...
View3/23/20174A6FE511Leader and Captain of my high school basketball team. Played basketball at

Delta College before transferring to CSUS. I enjoy staying in shape through

many physical activities, such as: hiking, boating, basketball, softball and

weight lifting.
View9/26/20172EF9416F30 years of experience in the electrical construction industry. Experience includes work in solar, nuclear and fossil power plants, high Voltage, manufacturing, private and public works arenas, e.g. airport, steel mill, government, military, medical, water/wastewater, and SCADA projects. Skills acquired are Transformer Maintenance, OCB, GCB, Isophase buss maintenance, extensive control experienc...
View3/26/2017D15C255932 years of Journeyman Lineman experience in managing, operations, maintenance, and construction of utility power transmission and distribution systems.
General Foreman over multiple distribution and transmission jobs.
Foreman over numerous distribution and transmission crews.
Instructor of apprentice classes and of refresher lineman classes.
Competed and Judged at the 2000-2005 International Line...
View9/5/20173CC502B3Thirty three years of extensive experience with PG & E proving exceptional work ethic and strong abilities in all aspects of compliance, inspection, maintenance and repair of both underground and overhead distribution and transmission.

- Strong communicator with the ability to continuously refine and acquire new skills
- Adept at taking on new rolls and responsibilities as they become necessary...
View6/23/2017F11DE91FInspections related to substation civil work.
View1/19/2017783C987CSuccessful Technical Professional with 10+ years of experience in electrical and mechanical fields.
Expertise in contributing to management level projects, delivering excellent communication skills and highly organized. Instrumental in streamlining processes, enhancing productivity and implementing solutions to meet organizational objectives, consistently recognized for having strong work ethic ...
View4/10/20174E30041AProvide electrical inspection services for overhead line crews for transmission and distribution; 40-year career in General Construction electric line department with Pacific Gas and Electric Company in progressive leadership roles; planned and distributed work, oversee maintenance and emergency repairs; promoted a safe and productive work environment; effectively communicate with co-workers, othe...
View9/20/2017F6EB5238Rubber glove certified; knowledge of OH and UG Construction Manuals; knowledge of PG&E Construction Standards; experience with Mobile Data Unit (FAS); basic computer usage; Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. Option II Inspector Qualified (QEW).
View9/19/2017851404C3I have been involved with electrical transmission and distribution projects for over 34 years. I have supervised the inspection of numerous transmission projects as well as the Foreman on many jobs including 69 KV, 115 KV, 230 KV and 345KV projects. I also have substantial experience supervising the installation of fiber optic ground wire on overhead transmission lines as well as underground URD i...
View8/17/20173056C869 I have over 23 years of experience in the Electrical Field of Transmission and Distribution. I have worked as an Journeyman Lineman, Foreman and General Foreman. I have a good balance of experience between Transmission and Distribution. I have quiet a bit of Helicopter experience on the transmission side on the Long Line and doing Helo sets.
View9/15/2017F4091A48Not Specified

Military: US Army 1980-1984
View3/27/201718B9BEF932 years of Jouneyman Lineman experience in managing, operations, maintenance, and construction of utility power transmission and distribution systems.
General Foreman over multiple distribution and transmission jobs.
Foreman over numerous distribution and transmission crews.
Instructor of apprentice classes and of refresher lineman classes.
Competed and judged at the 2000-2005 International Linem...
View2/18/20174098F909I’m proficient in all areas of electrical construction and testing in the Substation environment. My electrical experience also extends into Power Plants including Hydro. Worked as a sub-foreman on electrical construction projects and as a lead technician in testing and commissioning equipment, from 4KV to 500KV four channel relay packages. Have a testing & working knowledge of SCADA, Power line c...
View7/11/2017745E4C0CI worked for Pacific Gas and Electric for 42 years in Eureka, 1972 to 2014, which included positions held in my career- Groundman, Truck Driver, Appr. Linemen, Journeyman Lineman, Electric crew Foreman, Trouble-man relief, electric underground inspector. Skilled acquired on the on the job were rubber glove certified, overhead transmission line work, grounding overhead and underground systems, swi...
View6/27/20176A4BC866I am very interested in working for your organization and I would appreciate an interview for the position to discuss my qualifications and our mutual interest.

I would like to offer my 40 years of experience in the Electric Utility Industry for a position in your organization. I have several years of experience as a GC Front Line Supervisor, lineman, and crew foreman with General Construction, I...
View7/3/2017F0120976Worked for Arizona Public Service Co. 1970 to 2008 Retired in 2008. Worked in Substation Construction 1970-1971. Worked in Protective Relaying and Controls assisting Test Engineers with relay testing, constructing control panels, wiring panels and breakers. Returned to substation construction in 1973-1978. Worked as a Troubleman from 1978-1987. Duties included substation inspections, line patrols,...
View7/3/2017181ADD84TRAINED ON JOHN DEER 4040 & 2640 TRACTORS.
View3/30/2017E9434FFB28 years experience, Meter reading Overhead and underground construction & maintenance ,trouble shooting primary and secondary voltage. single and three phase metering. street lighting underground line locating, seven years of crew foreman over seeing men and completion of work , after hour call out ,storm restoration ,compliance inspector
View3/27/2017CF6881CC32 years Journeyman Lineman experience in managing, operations, maintenance and construction of utility power transmission and distribution systems.
General Foreman over multiple distribution and transmission jobs.
Foreman over numerous distribution and transmission crews.
Instructor of apprentice classes and of refresher lineman classes.
Competed and judged at the 2000-2005 International Lineman ...
View3/17/2017B1445C5EHighly organized, detail oriented, and self motivated. Over 16 years in the electrical field. 6 years as a service technician. 3 year as a Q.E.W. (Sub-station Specialist)with Canus. Effective problem solver, team player, and a proven leader.
View8/24/20176F883ECF - General Engineer
- Manager Experience
- Great Communication Skills
- OSHA Safety Standards & Regulations
- PG&E Station Construction Inspection
- Commercial Driver's License
- Read and understand Prints
- Bid work
- Operate: Excavators, Graders, Backhoe’s, Compactor Rollers, Loaders, bobcat skid steer, dump trucks
- Knowledge and experience of Asphalt Paving, Carpentry, Concrete Formin...
View6/16/2017AF39A818Journeyman Lineman, Patrolman, Troubleman. Apprentice & Journeyman with Pacific Gas & Electric Co. from 1985-1991
Journeyman Lineman, Troubleman, & Patrolman (foot, vehicle, and helicopter patrols) with Portland General Electric from 1991-2011
Journeyman Lineman with Maui Electric Co. from 2011-2013
Lineman Representative with Pacific Power from 2013-2015
Construction Planner for Pacific Gas & El...
View9/1/2017CDB4A188[Journeyman Wireman]

-NJATC/IBEW 5 Year Apprenticeship
-NEC certification--multiple states
-Crew Foreman
-600V to 13.8kV switchgear
-High Voltage Terminations
-High Voltage Splicing
-Power Distribution
-Motor Controls
-PLC wiring and troubleshooting
-LOTO training
-OSHA 30 Hour
-Instrumentation & Controls
-Conduit Fabrication
-Cable Tray Fabrication

[Substation Specialist]

-230 KV...
View6/6/20178BDA81B1I have worked with Canus corp. for the past 8 years as a Journeyman Electrician in both the Southern Area Hydro (General Construction) Area and GC Substation in the Bay Area. I have worked a total of 16 years in construction for various companies basically doing the same thing. I have worked in the electrical field for the past 25 years.
View8/28/201713103913Strong experience in all phases of electrical construction. After spending several years working in many of the local oil refineries, I took a call out of local 1245 for Wellington energy where I spent over 3 years installing smart meters of various types on commercial and residential buildings. While working out of this local I was given the opportunity to take course offered by the cal-nev/Jatc ...
View8/17/20176D1D58CARubber gloved certified
Valid CDLA
First Aid & CPR certified
PG&E trained in applicant installed inspection process
PG&E trained in patrols and detailed inspection
PG&E trained in inspection and overseeing electrical contractors
View10/8/2017A527BB35Thirty-seven years of employment with PG&E have been in both Electric T&D and General Construction. I feel that my wide range of experience will enable me to provide direction and leadership in the ever-changing business environment of PG&E. I am a team player and I also relate well to others on an interpersonal level.

1992-2005 Various Leadership Developmental Courses
June 1992 ...
View10/1/201756D88740Worked for 42 years at PG&E in the line department. Retired 08-01-2015. First 5 years worked in General Construction Line Department doing mostly Overhead Transmission Line work. Last 20 years as a Crew Foreman for Transmission Line Department out of Lakeville Sub. in Petaluma. Our service territory was from the Golden Gate Bridge to Orick, over to Weaverville south to Benica. Have held positions...
View6/23/201773E34FABA variety of construction experiences including extensive concrete and asphalt applications. Fifteen yerars experience of commercial foundations, footings, retaining walls, rebar, capenatry, flat work and supervisor experience with city and county inspections. I have a class A License with 13 years of driviving various equipment.
View10/17/2017AC4D3F4B- Station Tech Inspector - Responsible to inspect Contractor's work to meet PG&E Standards and Safety

- Responsible for the maintaining and updating the RCMS records.

- Involved in setting up a test report for the 500KV Hitachi type HVB-550 breaker and I received a suggestion award for my efforts.

- Taught several classes on the maintenance, testing, and operating of new substation equipment t...
View8/11/20173A42A040I would like to be considered for the position of Inspector, in the substation construction area.

Employment: December 1971-Hired by Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Training / Committee’s
- 1989 Completed apprentice schooling and training for successful progression to journeyman electrician.
- 1995 volunteered as IBEW 1245 shop steward, and held position until retirement.
- 1996 – 1998: Volunteered...
Safety and Quality Assurance Inspector:
• Monitor & communicate with contractors working in close proximity of Unisource/Tucson Electric power-lines to assure clear boundaries for the safety of workers, the public and the electrical systems. (On site observation, clearances, hot-line orders etc.) Long standing safety committee representative:
• Participated in monthly discussions of ge...
View6/10/20172548BA5BDistribution underground and overhead, transmission underground and overhead, substations, street lighting, fiber optic cable installation underground and overhead, cell phone substation, groundman, cleared telephone right of way, telephone overhead installation, solar installation, wind generation installation, nuclear power substation, cable TV installation, and 39 years of consecutive Union lin...
View5/19/201767136BDEfifty five years electrical work
View3/10/201706FAC319Inspection of P.G.&E. duct bank construction, coordination of inspectors, substation construction and improvements, consultation with environmental and city officials, as-built data collection and documentation. G.I.S. interface and grounding.

Construction management and client / contractor liaison (my company).

Strong communicator and facilitator.

Auto Cad 2000, Soft Plan cad, Point-Line 2D/3...
View1/15/2017439EBFF4I've had to train people inside & outside the vault for safety hazard's such as: hazard's waste, leaking primary cable & splices, dangerous gasses, noises & smells from transformers, no ground ring in vault, always being a wear of your surroundings, never touch anything unless you know what it is & the safety of the situation, keeping a watch on your coworkers to make sure they're not putting...
View9/17/201755BF1D4537 years line department PG&E
View9/14/20176788DDB5I have extensive experience in organizing, scheduling and managing electric transmission jobs. I have a good working knowledge of computers and turning in clearance requests for myself and for others on distribution and transmission lines. I am very safety minded and in the thirty plus years that I have been a lineman, troubleman, foreman and supervisor with PG&E, there has never been an inciden...
View8/3/2017F149CCB036 years utility lineman with SMUD, including both overhead and underground line construction. Last 18 1/2 years worked as troubleshooter before retirement. Last two years have worked as a retired-annuitant inspecting with SMUDs underground cable replacement program, LED light retrofit program, and currently inspecting SMUDs pole replacement program (Interen's work). Some outside electrical contra...
View2/17/20177AB613A5 - Experienced as Rotational System Dispatcher
- Temporary East Bay/Central Area OK Person
- Rotational Instructor, San Ramon Learning Center
- Operations Supervisor - Distribution, Diablo Control Center
- Distribution Operator - East Bay DO
- Operations Supervisor - Transmission, Newark & Telsa Substations
- Journeyman Distribution & Transmission Relief System Operator
- Passed a NERC Fede...
View9/13/2017581EB47CTo find a Journeyman Electrician’s position within the I.B.E.W. where I can use my 27 years of experience to make a difference by encouraging and supporting the growth of the organized electrical industry.

Master Electrician License, 1992
OSHA 30 Safety card
First Aid/CPR card
70E Electrical Safety card
MUST Safety drug test cert

I.B.E.W. ...
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