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View3/10/201706FAC319Inspection of P.G.&E. duct bank construction, coordination of inspectors, substation construction and improvements, consultation with environmental and city officials, as-built data collection and documentation. G.I.S. interface and grounding.

Construction management and client / contractor liaison (my company).

Strong communicator and facilitator.

Auto Cad 2000, Soft Plan cad, Point-Line 2D/3...
View11/11/20176925CA1CI was in the overhead line department in the United States Air Force from 1972 thru 1976. I made before I got out. I spent 35 1/2 years in PG&E in the line department as a lineman for 20 years and 15 years a Distribution Supervisor
View10/29/2017439EBFF4I've had to train people inside & outside the vault for safety hazard's such as: hazard's waste, leaking primary cable & splices, dangerous gasses, noises & smells from transformers, no ground ring in vault, always being a wear of your surroundings, never touch anything unless you know what it is & the safety of the situation, keeping a watch on your coworkers to make sure they're not putting...
View8/27/201752D27052Distribution line construction, underground termination, pad mount transformers, sub-surface transformers, overhead transformer banks, hotline/ rubber glove, attention to detail, troubleshooting, ariel bucket, digger derek, substation operation, public relations, project management, project inspection, word/email, problem solving
View9/17/201755BF1D4537 years line department PG&E
View9/14/20176788DDB5I have extensive experience in organizing, scheduling and managing electric transmission jobs. I have a good working knowledge of computers and turning in clearance requests for myself and for others on distribution and transmission lines. I am very safety minded and in the thirty plus years that I have been a lineman, troubleman, foreman and supervisor with PG&E, there has never been an inciden...
View8/3/2017F149CCB036 years utility lineman with SMUD, including both overhead and underground line construction. Last 18 1/2 years worked as troubleshooter before retirement. Last two years have worked as a retired-annuitant inspecting with SMUDs underground cable replacement program, LED light retrofit program, and currently inspecting SMUDs pole replacement program (Interen's work). Some outside electrical contra...
View2/17/20177AB613A5 - Experienced as Rotational System Dispatcher
- Temporary East Bay/Central Area OK Person
- Rotational Instructor, San Ramon Learning Center
- Operations Supervisor - Distribution, Diablo Control Center
- Distribution Operator - East Bay DO
- Operations Supervisor - Transmission, Newark & Telsa Substations
- Journeyman Distribution & Transmission Relief System Operator
- Passed a NERC Fede...
View9/13/2017581EB47CTo find a Journeyman Electrician’s position within the I.B.E.W. where I can use my 27 years of experience to make a difference by encouraging and supporting the growth of the organized electrical industry.

Master Electrician License, 1992
OSHA 30 Safety card
First Aid/CPR card
70E Electrical Safety card
MUST Safety drug test cert

I.B.E.W. ...
View8/10/2017FACEEC0FElectric Line Construction and Maintenance – 35 years’ experience Apprentice Lineman Instructor Electric Line Trouble Examination, Interrogation and Repair Heavy Equipment Operations Electric Journeyman Lineman Electric Crew Foreman Rubber Glove and Hot Stick Work Methods Instructor Veteran of the United States Military Service
View11/6/20179FA49A37Substation Technician with over 16,000 hours of Substation Construction and leadership experience in PGE and Edison jurisdictions
View7/21/201703450A4FWiring banks, wiring breakers, installing switching, building links for switches, building buss, wiring inside control rooms, and grounding. Ive worked in every part if the sub station. I can read prints and install underground.
View10/26/201792CDDADBI'm a quick learner and a hard worker. I have an extensive background in general labor, independent worker as well as a team player, warehouse experience, experience with surveying for PG&E, ability to work in diverse environments, excellent communication skills, attentive/Adaptable to any Setting, forklift experience, General building maintenance/painting, experience with power tools, CPR & AED c...
View6/6/2017667B9A5EPlease see attached resume.
View7/2/2017A03F112BExceptionally responsible with, attention to detail

Excellent verbal and communication skills

An Initiator and problem solver
View5/5/2017818126A0After completing my Bachelor’s degree I immediately began my career in the construction field with hands on experience and landing a management position in 2002. Since 2002 I have gained a vast experience in construction management and inspections. For the past 15 years I have been responsible for inspecting and reporting on virtually every phase of the construction process: including, but not l...
View8/7/2017B4547A7BCareer-minded Utility Worker in search of position with company where my skills and abilities can be used to their fullest potential

Certificate Program: Residential Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
* Basic Electricity & Electrical Theory
* Basic Refrigeration Theory
* Air Conditioning Systems
* Heating Systems
* Air Distribution System and Sheet Metal Fabrication
* Cypre...
View6/25/2017AB2F586834 years of experience total, in the electrical field. Journeyman inside wireman, commercial and industrial construction and controls. 10 years of experience with all phases of substation construction, indoor and outdoor, as well as materials and methods, from the ground up. Able to read schematics, install and wire equipment in control bldg's, and MPACs. Also transformers, breakers, pt's, ccvt's,...
View10/3/2017DF0A131DI am a Construction Specialist seeking employment where my skills in Pro-Active Analysis, Communication, Training, Team Development, and Personnel Management can be challenged. This coupled with my natural ability to establish a Professional rapport with Co-Workers/Clients alike, make me an ideal candidate for this position.
View6/25/20171A82A9E4Journeyman Lineman - Overhead and UG new installations, maintenance and operations. Overhead line-work with hot sticks & rubber gloves. Underground splicing, maintenance, equipment replacement and operation.
Instructor - Switchman training; UG construction standards; basic pole climbing; basic and advanced lineman classes and Emergency Response Planning
Inspector - Contract line workers at PG&E ...
View12/11/2017CF9F6A3Capprentice test tech B primary push/secondary push/megger cables /point to point /set up doble /assisting test A wire checking ringing out cables /red and green line prints / wiring of CTs and PTs
installing of PlC/RTU .AC DC distribution panels and 19in racks .Wiring of breakers ,19in racks, acdc panels ,dc buss taps .
View11/10/2017EF8DA134*please see resume, specifically Job Description for Texas Dept of Transportation, where I was Inspector / Project Manager
View2/23/20178F60AE94Electric Crew Foreman

Substation Construction- Senior Inspector- Dress &Test, Electrical, Civil
Established safety atmosphere and compliance of contractors and all employees including Daily Tailboard.
Ensured quality control for work completed on transformer new builds and repairs.
Maintained a daily log of all Contractor and PG&E work and correspondence.
Kept a timely schedule while high ...
View3/6/2017364D30C1Communication – Deals well with people via direct or written communication resources. Outgoing, respectful , responsible and punctual. Takes pride in and maintains an outstanding work ethic. Takes directions and follows thru with all expectations and job responsibilities.

Problem Solving – Works efficiently and with a high level of success at completing tasks as assigned.

Team Player - Works wel...
View6/13/201751929AE3I have spent the majority of my career in electric operations. During this time, I have been able to acquire an extensive knowledge of the transmission and distribution system while developing an overall business understanding of PG&E. I also have been able to develop knowledge of human performance tools, customer service interactions, customer expectations, and the factors existing in today's c...
View1/11/2017E9F210C4can do most anything
View6/6/2017E9240ECDExperience: Journeyman Inside Wireman and Journeyman Electrician

Programmable logic control, Instrumentation systems, Motor controls and Scada systems. Motor Controls Qualified in high voltage splicing Conduit Bending.
View10/28/2017E36AD50ESchedule and Manage Sub Contractors as well as daily/ monthly tasks, Perform layout utilizing Transit and laser levels, Operate construction equipment in a safe and orderly manner, Read Blue Prints, Trench and Excavate utilizing shoring and/ or sloping depending on soil conditions, Insure crew is fallowing any and all safety procedures as well as utilizing Proper Protective Equipment, Set concret...
View8/14/2017F45CDAD1I retired from PG&E after 37 years with the company. My last 24 years were in the Electric Distribution operations office, sixteen of those years were at the Ignacio operations office in the north bay. Prior to that I worked on the gas side of the house. My duties in electric operations included; writing and directing clearances for electric lines to be cleared on distribution voltage circui...
View9/14/20179E543093 - Over 25 years experience in all phases of new construction and remodeling.
- Worked in supervisory role with related tradesmen and subcontractors.
- Worked as a journeyman/supervisor of my own concrete, framing and finish crews.
- Motivated self-starter with strong supervisory, organizational and communication skills
- Thorough knowledge of all aspects of construction, including plan prepar...
View5/1/201799708E52• Over 30 years in the electrical power industry which includes: Nuclear, Coal, Natural Gas, as well as Industrial, Aerospace, and Commercial construction
• Experienced supervisor, leader and coach including delegation of tasks
• Thrive in a team environment and work well with others
• Dynamic, results-oriented problem solver
• Planning, budgeting, goal setting, and scheduling
• Excellent written...
View4/20/20170AFBD599Remarkable Project Manager / Foreman extremely knowledgeable about public works regulations and
construction, providing expert direction in all aspects of public works and excavation in contract construction,
experienced in managing a variety of construction teams and projects. Successful in creating effective
communication between personnel. Seasoned Contractor versed in on-site and simultaneous ...
View11/10/20171FD006E7To obtain a position with a successful company where I can further enhance my skills and have an opportunity for advancement.
I am a diligent worker and self-starter, work well with others, good communication skills.
View8/10/20175A28A55AForty four total years experience with the installation and maintenance of overhead and underground electric facilities. Four years in the military as a Lineman. Thirty five years with PG&E as a Lineman and a supervisor for both gas and electric operations. Ten years performing inspection work as an IBEW inspector.
View4/9/2017B02DFDCAIn addition to my outlined job duties I am also supervising other Canus inspectors at job-sites associated with Pinnacle Power jobs. I have assisted in reviewing, and making correction, in network vault drawings with PG&E IPE reps. Also, reviewing, and making correction, walk in transformer rooms with P&E IPE reps.
View11/21/2017D65A7B5EDistribution Line Construction Overhead/Underground 15kv & 25kv Underground Termination
1 & 3 Phase Padmount Transformers 3 Phase Overhead Banks Hot Line/Rubber Glove
Attention to Detail Trouble Shooting Ariel Bucket Digger Derek Substation Operation
Public Relations Project Management Project Inspection Word/Excel ...
View7/13/2017DDA4E614Distribution Line Construction Overhead/Underground 15kv & 25kv Underground Termination
1 & 3 Phase Padmount Transformers 3 Phase Overhead Banks Hot Line/Rubber Glove
Attention to Detail Trouble Shooting Ariel Bucket Digger Derek Substation Operation
Public Relations Project Management Project Inspection Word/Excel ...
View11/4/201723119E62I am a self motivated team player looking for an opportunity to demonstrate my skills and abilities while continuing to learn and advance within the electrical industry.
For the past twenty years I have had successful experience in heavy industrial construction and maintenance, power generation construction and maintenance and also refinery construction and maintenance.

Installation of all types ...
View1/8/2017BA1426EEThirty six years experience in substation construction. Last twenty four years as an Electrical Technician, Technical Crew Leader A, and Sr Test Specialist. Safely Install test and functionally test all substation equipment (12KV-500KV), including transformers, circuit breakers, potential transformers, current transformers, relays both electro-mechanical and micro processors. Proficient at time ma...
View11/5/2017BAD7BC09same as before
View10/31/201741560704I have 5 yrs PG&E Substation Experience, 30 hr OSHA trained, Confined space training, Excavation safety training for competent persons, Operation of excavators, mini excavators, rollers, compactors, and skid steer. I am currently the General Foreman for Hotline Construction and I oversee all Civil PG&E jobs and am well trained in their safety procedures.

Ensured the ...
View10/29/2017DC0752ECknowledge and experience in the following testing and work procedures. Meager, TTR, speed shooting breakers, hi-voltage testing, low voltage testing,Doble, oil sampling and testing. grounding, writing and taking clearances, lockout/tagout, fall protection, arial lifts, cranes, digger derricks, confined spaces/resue, first aid/cpr hazardous materials. Maintenance/construction of electrical faciliti...
View5/6/20170001E61Dwork for PGE for 38yrs. Trouble man for 14yrs Sub Foreman for 10 yrs Liman 10yrs Retried 2005 from Livermore yard.
View7/31/2017C241014CSeeking a challenging position with in a highly regarded organization that I can utilize my excellent skills, full abilities and my background to expand my knowledge and other opportunities and personal and professional growth.
- GO 95 trained
- Created inspection program for communication cables for PG&E
- Crew Lead/Foreman of scaffold team in refinery
- Driving bobtail trucks
- Operating a ...
View8/13/201788140E43Not Specified
View6/23/2017B9DDBB41Not Specified
- Dependable and hard working senior inspector with more than 28 years in the construction industry. Thrives in a fast paced environment and works to complete projects quickly and efficiently.
- Qualified electrician who stays current with public safety and security standards. Safety operates and maneuvers a diverse range of heavy equipment.
- Hard working construction worker who is ...
View4/14/201772F73D22As a Telecommunications Systems Technician
My primary job functions has been to install and maintain fiber optic equipment such as Cisco switches, Nortel, Adtran, and Fujitsu multiplexers, including the battery, rectifier and fuse panels to power this equipment. Responsibilities also include installation and maintenance of digital circuits working on copper or fiber spans including DS1, DS3, OC3,...
View1/20/20179CE64832To further my career as a Protective Relay, Communications, Metering and Instrumentation Technician.

Training, Certificates and License
Protective Relaying Principles & Applications, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Understanding Power System Design & Operations, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Electrical Substation Design Fundamentals, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fundamentals of Substation Eq...
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