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View8/11/2016D46C6A48Thirty years of experience in heavy civil construction associated with hydroelectric delivery and electrical distribution in the San Joaquin Valley for Southern California Edison Company.
In charge of line distribution logistics for San Joaquin Valley maintenance and new construction for 8 years.
Civil engineer background with expertise in project management from concept to start-up. Experience m...
View3/18/201679E933A8Telecommunications background. PG&E computer applications SMC, PPMC, SRM.
View3/10/20168B18587F38 years of electrical utility experience. My last 20 years has been maintenance in high voltage sub stations. I use various types of test equipment that includes power factor testing equipment (such as Doble), low resistance measurement devices, time-travel motion analyzers, transformer turns ratio tester, transformer sweep frequency analyzer, transformer resistance tester, thermographic cameras...
View11/3/201677A72955- Over 17 years of Control Room experience of wiring and troubleshooting systems for utilities.
- In-depth knowledge of electrical installation and testing methods by interpreting design intent for various from low voltage arrangements to high 230kV systems.
- Superior skill set in repairing and troubleshooting faulty electrical system components in residential and commercial/industrial fields....
View9/1/20160674A226I.B.E.W. Local 42 Journeyman Lineman of 31 years, Transmission Inspector
View8/30/2016926C9F91John Bray
1337 Emerald Dr
Livingston Ca, 95334
Phone: (209) 602-1218


Dynamic and energetic professional seeking a position where I can utilize my skills to assist in building, producing or constructing any project desired. I bring knowledge of heavy equipment, weld repair, multiple Class A vehicles, and other construction skills to meet company productivity goals while exceeding cus...
View10/31/2016A0A1DB80Strong background in Automotive machining, mechanics of Auto, Truck, Equipment, Fabrication. Have Substation Wireman certification, License. Have Electrical Supervisors (Masters) License, State of Oregon. I have held a Electrical Supervisors License since 1997 in the State of Oregon ( Equivalent to a Masters in other States )
I have approx. 10 yrs. in the Utility field am licensed as a Sub...
View6/27/20165B8A6C9C33 years substation maintenance and construction. Transmission and distribution equipment; Transformers, Regulators, Circuit Breakers, Station Batteries and Protection Relays. Paralleled with 10 years hazardous waist disposal. Three years safety lead and sub-foreman relief. 4 years with CANUS Corp. as Electrical Inspector for Substations, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
View1/16/2016A73D8BF3 Gained experience working at PG&E Bay Area Substations; installing ground cable / rods, pressing fittings, setting structure, installing junction boxes, connecting tubular / angular busbar. Worked on transformers, circuit breakers and put in switches and insulators. Installed aluminum strain conductor to busbar and insulator fittings, pulled electrical cable through conduits and PVC pipe. Wor...
View8/11/20168B475322Current residing in Deeth, NV maintaining a small ranch with mother cows and working as a day work cowboy for local ranches. Drive a snow plow for the State in the winter.

Transmission 50KV & Above:
New Construction
- Wood Pole Line Installation
- Steel Tower Line Installation
- Conductor Stinging

- Voltage Conversion
- Re-insulation
- Structure Replacement
- R...
View2/22/2016C5AAD93CProject and administrative professional offering versatile management skills. Excellent soft skills and a can-do attitude. Able to juggle multiple projects and tasks, and meet deadlines without compromising quality. Strong planner and problem solver who readily adapts to change. Articulate, with keen ability to draw out important details. Self-motivated and exceed expectations. Strong team player....
View8/28/20160BF83C99I started in San Carlos as an apprentice lineman. I received a lot of experience doing rear easement repairs and upgrades. As a 3rd step I took a bid to the Fresno area and finished my apprenticeship in Dinuba Ca. There I received experience in the mountainous regions. I have set poles and transformers with the aid of helicopters, and worked thousands of hours of storm damage. Shortly after I rece...

- Manage GO 165 program temporary compliance supervisor
- Extensive Construction Supervisor experience in multiple districts and areas throughout PG&E.
- Managed storm rooms for several storm rooms throughout PG&E
- Perform G.O. 95, 128, and 165 internal audits and provide support to program
- Team lead and Division representative for annual Construction Quality ...
View2/16/20162A3643084 years as a foreman leading a crew and completing our job on time
10 years hands-on experience in electrical installation and maintenance field
Proficient in installing new and modified electrical wiring and devices
Adept at performing predictive and preventive maintenance
Proficient in examining and testing elements of electrical systems to locate and troubleshoot faults
Highly skilled in instal...
View2/9/20166D111668Experience Summary
I possess over 16 years of experience in the construction management and engineering profession. I am experienced in areas of construction inspection, project buyout, document control, contract coordination, and all daily construction project activities.
I also attended the Caltrans Resident Engineer Academy, gaining an in-depth understanding and approach to compliance issues wi...
View1/29/201627CF5B2CCertifications Schools and training:
Associates in Science Degree, Gavilan College, CA Experience equivalent to Bachelors Degree
FCC General Class Radio Telephone, NABER Radio Technician
Intellution HMI, (factory trained classes 101, 102, 103)
DC Systems RTScada, (Senior Specialist)
Modicon/ScadaPack PLC programming (factory trained classes, all)
Various PLC programming training (SCADAPack, USGS G...
View5/18/2016AFC03D76Retired PGE, 38yrs Electric line dept. Held positions of apprentice lineman, lineman, ECF, troubleman, and t-man supervisor. All phases of OH and UG construction and maintenance including Transmission tower work.
Switching, switching logs, communication with switching centers, crew management and multi crew management. Resume and time line of employment attached
View12/19/20167A853F6F- Basic Electrical Skills
- Carpentry Skills
- Construction Skills
- Power Tool/Hand tools
- Pneumatic Tools
- Excavation
- Backfill
- Jackhammer
- Digging/Backfilling/Shoring
- Landscaping
- Inspection of Personal Protective Equipment
- Drive in all Weather Conditions
- Certified Traffic Control Flagger (ATSSA)
- Receives Loads/Offload
- Inventory of Trucks
- Utility Duties
- Forklift Driver (cer...
View10/7/2016982D21EAEmployed at PG&E for 39 years. Lineman,sub-foreman, and supervisor
View3/22/20160AB85C4DExcellent written and verbal communication skills. Knowledge in the use of Microsoft excel, access and word. Extensive experience digging trenches and potholes. Pulling cable through conduit. Cutting concrete driveways and asphalt roads. Operating pneumatic boring machines, jackhammers and high power air compressors. Climbing telephone poles and working on Comcast cable taps.
Masonry form and fou...
View3/13/2016C0A40162Knowledgeable of OH Line Construction Standards through experience as a lineman, Foreman, and Distribution Line Supervisor. Have evaluated OH construction crews at Livermore Training Academy with respect there knowledge and skills of grounding, live line work, and rubber glove rules and procedures and how they are able to apply them in their daily work activities. I also administered the knowledge...
Looking for field based construction supervision/ management position that will benefit from years of utility construction, project safety and spec. compliance oversight.

• 30+ years in construction industry. 18 yrs. managing multiple projects and contractors. Interacted often with owners, engineering, municipalities, utilities, contractors and crews.
• Solid k...
View11/16/20166ACC69BEJourney Level Wireman.15 years experience. Local 340 memeber. I have been working out of the line dispatch off L.U. 1245 at substations for about 2 years up until March 2016, I took a call out of the PG&E hiring hall, and I am still working for PG&E in General Construction Hydro, as a hiring hall electrician. I am an expert pipeman, and have experience with scada, and PG&E's blueprints.Working at ...
View8/11/2016F7E2A453Journeyman Lineman - Experience in all phases of line work, OH & UG, new construction, maintenance and emergency response. All distribution voltages and transmission to 500KV.
Foreman - Supervisor - Director - Superintendent - Manager - achieved positions of increasing responsibility and leadership. Project management, budget responsibilities and performance improvements in safety and environmen...
View1/6/2016500E8D0029 years in the electrical industry with experience running all types and sizes of conduit pulling wire and cable
Able to read and understand all types of blueprints, ladder diagrams, and schematics.
Check out and start up of motor control systems power distribution...
View3/15/2016AD714B72Professional Installer/Utility Worker GC Construction, Installation and removal of Telecommunications Equipment; Computers, Mobile Radio transfers and installs; cellphone transfers; cable and fiber pulling; cable and wire termination; moves, adds, and changes; mounting of telecom equipment including ladder rack; wire DC power distribution; housekeeping duties.
View8/17/2016843A421BI've worked in every field there is sense i was 19 years old but the last 10 have been in sub stations. i've wired from the ground work up to the control rooms. Built 6 sub stations from ground up was gen. foreman on 3 and project manager on 3. Was a ctr for oxy oil co. until the price of oil crashed as a high voltage inspector and project manager for 2.5 years. Sense then its been working on the ...
View3/16/2016F67C1DA7Valid CDL - Judgement and Decision Making - Troubleshooting - Communication Skills - Repairing - Reading Comprehension - Operation Monitoring - Safety Oriented
View10/20/201603B3D081Installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting electromechanical, solid state, and microprocessor relays.
Skilled in SAP, PG&E'S work management program & database.
Skilled in several NERC Protection Standards & assuring PG&E is compliant with those standards.
View4/6/2016D717705EI consider myself a knowledgeable, extremely safe worker in the electrical industry. I pride myself on working safe and making others feel safe around my work area. I continue to stay up to date on any OSHA or NFPA Safety training that I can participate in. I have worked in a behavior based environment where it almost becomes second nature to assess every new task at hand to allow all at risk p...
View5/9/20167132D40BFiber optics
Communication cabling
security systems
View12/28/20165B751189I am the lead senior electrical inspector for the ZA-1 230kv underground transmission electric project in San Francisco from August 2014 until the present.
View9/9/20168CA8A20DHigh Voltage Construction Manager (SunEdison) General Foreman/ Project Manager (Hot Line Construction) Onsite Substation Inspector ( Pacific Gas & Electric)
View5/24/201606A46440Six years experience as a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition) installer/maintainer
Ten years experience as an Electronic Installation Technician
Three years experience as an Electronic Installation Instructor
One year experience as a Local Area Network (LAN) Instructor
Fiber Optic Certification - USAF
Federal Communications Commission License (FCC)
Knowledge with Microsoft Word, Excel ...
View10/21/20161729220B• Strong computer skills, MS-Excel, MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Access, Adobe Acrobat
• Proficient with PG&E systems including EDRS, SMC, Telesoft, Rivermine, SharePoint
• Good understanding of PG&E capital and expense practices and financial model
• Project Manager support in the areas of lease line ordering
• Capital and Expense project accounting for IT and LOB
• Liaison between PM’s and AT&T, ...
View9/13/20162C920817- hard worker
- general commercial electricity: run wires, breakers, splice wires
- plumbing
- general construction
- fast learner
- read electrical plan
View5/30/20168B2CBBFDIBEW Journeyman Lineman with 23 years experience, 15 years on the PGE system. Positions include Lineman, Foreman and General Foreman for various locals including L.U. 1245 and 47. I have worked with 40 Locals from 39 states on Distribution (with helicopter experience), Transmission (with helicopter experience), Transmission with Bare Hand experience (2500 hours), Underground, Substation, Light ...
View5/10/201664EE4591Mobile, Qualified, Reliable and Punctual

Single and 3-phase systems including Banks

Modern and outdated electrical control systems, power distribution, switchgear, panels, sub-panels and some fire alarm

Have supervised and trained many other electricians/apprentices in proper technique.

Experience reading blueprints in the commercial and industrial atmosphere

LOTO procedures, Clearance poin...
View2/2/2016DEC74CE5Journeyman Telecommunications Technician with 31 years experience working for PG&E as a Telecommunications Technician maintaining and installing telecommunications equipment. This includes mobile radios, base radios and radio repeaters, Scada equipment of all types, Data equipment, Computer equipment and Telephone equipment and wiring.

1983-1991 General Construction Telecommunications Technician...
View5/2/201667F85F85- Seasoned Journeyman Lineman and Crew Foreman with 19+ years, experience in new construction and maintenance on powerline projects from 4 to 500 kV.
- Skilled in all aspects of hands-on electrical utility work including field safety inspection and testing and emergency and storm-related repairs.
- Extensive training and experience Hot sticking and rubber gloving.
- Journeyman lineman certif...
View5/31/2016311AE4D230 years in Power Distribution & Transmission.
Served my Apprenticeship with LA DWP learning overhead and underground lead distribution. As a Journeyman I worked with Sr. Splicers on two 220Kv underground projects hand taping.
After 5 years as a Journeyman at DWP I moved to the Seattle area where I learned Network Protectors at Seattle City Light.
View1/27/201634E6B555Special Assignments:
- (Temp) Substation Maintenance Supervisor, Fresno
- (Upgraded) Maintenance Specialist Fresno
- Switchmen's Training Instructor, Fresno
- Safety Coordinator, San Joaquin Valley
- Safety Chairman, Fresno
- First Aid Chairman, Fresno

- Instructed reliability centered maintenance training classes for Grid Maintenance and Construction employees
- Tested substa...
View6/6/2016CB5C9CDB I worked for Beauregard electric co-op for 9 years where I completed the Louisiana lineman training program after 4 years then became a journeyman. then I signed up with IBEW local 995 out of baton rouge LA. took their test and now I am currently a class A journeyman lineman with them. from June 2014 through November 2014 and june 2015 through november 2015 I worked for PJ Helicopter's as the boo...
View7/28/20161369B8FA54 years combined experience in the electric utility industry as a lineman, hotline trainer, crew foreman, safety supervisor, superintendent, maintenance and operations director, trainer and safety consultant.

Forensic experience includes investigation and analysis of utility transmission and distribution accidents, safety issues and CAL-OSHA compliance. Responsible for contributions to CAL-OS...
View8/31/2016CC8B9AF3Substation Technician all skills stated in resume
View2/20/2016B85A6266Experienced Foreman, Safety Manager, Journeyman Electrician, Journeyman Equipment Operator (Local 3)

Field Safety Manager for 3 years (Terralink)
Managed and completed projects valued in excess of $12 million
Managed crews up to 28 workers
Installed 1.2 miles of 3000 AMP Buss Duct in 1 month (Tesla Fremont)
Foreman on Caltrain / JPB Underground Fiber Optic Project. 1.5 years
View6/5/201654FA175FBarehand Certified, Helicopter Barehand, Helicopter Long line Work Procedures and skid work Trained, Rubber Glove Trained, Trained in Transmission and Distribution Hot Stick work, CPR First Aid Trained, Lead Cable Splicer Trained, Underground Transmission Cable Splicer, I have held the Job rate at PG&E of Underground Journeyman Lineman, Cable Splicer, Overhead Journeyman Lineman, Transmission Elec...
NLC-trained pre-apprentice seeking to pursue a career in the line working field or general electric construction and to extend my knowledge on building and operation of the system.

Highly motivated hard worker, work great with others, willing and able to learn and become better, skilled with manual labor, love challenging situations both mental and physical, safe work...
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